Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another day another 5

Can you believe it's another Wednesday already??? I can't.

1. Drawstring Flannel lounge pants. Do I have to explain myself??? I love them!

2. Days where I can wear drawstring flannel lounge pants all today!

3. Arby's Turkey Bacon Club Toasted Sub, it's so good it's evil...Evilishly delicious!

4. My vacuum when it vacuums up needles from our Christmas tree. It helps spread the Christmas tree smell through the whole house.

5. Flannel Sheets. They make me happy and warm.

Mom and Dad made it home safely Saturday, I was going to take a picture of them to put on my blog but the good daughter in me decided that it might be better to wait since they've been traveling all day. I'm such a good daughter! I bet I'm there favorite daughter. Sorry Cathe, Cathy, and Darcy, I'm sure it's hard to compete with me.

For those of you who have bugged me to get Cathe to blog, she said that she'll start one in January when she has a little more time. YAY! I'd like to see what she's up to since she NEVER calls me any more...hint hint


Vegas Family said...

Good Job Cristin. Keep bugging Cathe to blog. I have told her I need her humor on all this. She is one of my favorite people. I will look forward to Jan. then. I love fannel sheets also. Anything bringing warmth to the frosty winter.

Markie23 said...

I love your blog, and can't wait to get Cathe on board! Say hi to my sis for me! - Uncle Mark.

Vegas Family said...

Hey Cristin, I sent you a Christmas card and it was returned. I had your address as 605 1st Street. Could you e-mail me your new address? Don't want you to miss out on my fabulous card. Merry Christmas!

Emily said...

Great list! I always get a kick out of what you say!