Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cristin's Favorite 5

I know this is what you've all been waiting for! So here goes:

1. My vans seat warmers. Hallelujah! I will forever praise the person who came up with that idea, whoever you are, your a genius!!!! My bum thanks you!

2. SoBe Cranberry Grapefruit! I love you! I recently ended a 13 year love affair with caffeine, the past 7 years being closely connect to Diet Pepsi. It was a horrible break up that caused 2 weeks of nausea, vomiting and migraines. SoBe Cranberry Grapefruit has been there for me during my breakup and I think I might be able to go on with out caffeine....maybe.

3. Heathered t-shirts. I love them. There so comfy and soft and I could wear them everyday and be happy. Wait..I do wear them everyday... :)

4. On-line shopping. Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet. I owe ya! I like this click shopping, especially it if it saves me from driving at least 1 hour 1-way and a couple of hours of me threatening my kids with death if the fight or yell one more time. It's a win win situation.

5. Funny blogs! This is to all my cousins out there that make me laugh everyday. It brings sunshine in my not so sunny State!


Amanda said...

Al Gore is a genius!

TimW8 said...

You know we're related to Al Gore on G-Ma Bailey's's a ways back but, I'm sure there's a connection there!
If you see Uncle Al, ask him why he wont return my calls and why the Secret Service has my cell number.

Vegas Family said...

I give 3 cheers for the family bloggs! They really are so much fun! oh.. and seat warmers too.

Amy Thurston said...

I am going to have to try the SoBe, the diet coke needs to go!

Markie23 said...

Didn't Al Gore also invent the atom? He is amazing!

Erin Beck said...

Nobogy eats al Cores peanut butter... or was that Bob Dole?