Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fave 5

1. The sun! I love you sun, you and all your shiny goodness! Even though it's colder than Antarctica, I have really enjoyed having the sun shining. 3 whole days of sun. I'm so happy! I forgot what it looked like and how it makes me feeling seeing it in the sky. It gives me hope that Winter will end and in a couple of months the flowers will be blooming and the ground will dry up and it will be green and beautiful!

2. When Bubby takes a nap. He's been particularly... ummm....what's the term???? Oh...a big pain in the rear! What's up with 2 year olds? He's making me crazy. I'm desperate to find something I like about him this week. I do like it when he sleeps. He's so cute, he's a thumb sucker so he's usually got his thumb in his mouth and his rear in the air. How do kids sleep like that anyway??? And why do I keep asking you questions????
This is what Bubby has been looking like this week. I could almost feel sorry for him...but I don't.

3. I love Cinnamon raisin bread. I just do.

4. When our kids stay in their beds all night. I miss it....

5. Cold Cereal and all it's sugary goodness. It keeps me from having to make breakfast. Even Emily can do it and I can usually get her to get Bubby a bowl.

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Emily said...

It's always great when kids stay in their beds! And cold cereal...gotta love it! I hope you are still enjoying the sunshine. It rained here all weekend and it made me realize how much I really do enjoy the sunshine! Have a great day!