Wednesday, January 2, 2008

HA! Guess who got her Family Newsletter In???


I mean seriously, I can't change Wednesdays Favorite 5 to Thursday. That's just not how it works. Plus who knows what I have going on tomorrow.

Todays Favorite 5:

1, 2, 3. Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer....they're books by the way. A friend of mine recommended Twilight to me over a year ago so I finally put it on my Christmas list. I was half way through the first book when I decided that I had to go and get the next two before I was finished with the first because I didn't want to be left wondering what happens next. It's one of those "Just one more chapter" books. They're easy reads, you can find the books in the Youth Section of your book store. Should I be embarrassed that I love a "Youth" book??? Never in my life would I ever thought that I would enjoy a book with vampires and werewolves but I'm happy to be wrong. Steph, I know you don't read books but that's ok, they are making the first book into a movie (with an actress that I don't like).

4. Time to read books. I was so happy that the past few days have been free so I could read as much as I liked. My house also looks like I read as much as a like.

5. A husband that was happy that I spent all day in my jammies reading books. Well, maybe not the jammies part but he was happy that I could have time to read. I love you Love Machine!

Happy New Year to everyone!


Larry said...

Nonsense, I'm perfectly happy with you in your jammies!

Emily said...

I love your favorite 5! It's always very entertaining to read! You're lucky to have a husband who respects and even encourages your decision to take a day off and just read! Good for you!!

Vegas Family said...

Happy New Year Cristin. Sounds like your taking the new year in right.

Amy Thurston said...

I have been banned from reading books. Apparently I took too many days off. But I have had way too many people telling me about those same books, so it looks like I may have a couple days coming my way.

Sephalo said...

Yeah, I've heard some people go on & on about those books and how terrific they Get your read on girl, I'm proud of you!

Erin Beck said...

I have been off of work and school for one week now and another to go and all I have done is lay around in sweats and read and I love it!! I envy you and Love Machine. I am reading the Kite Flyer. Super Good!! Hope you had a great New Years

ajesplin said...

I'm jealous! Between school and my 3 full-time jobs (Cord, Gus, & Homer), I haven't had much time to read lately--and I used to be a serious junkie, so I have to be careful. I love YA books, too, as well as middle grade. I just read The Penderwicks over Christmas break (a middle grade book)--and I loved it! I'll have to give Twilight a try.

(PS. I think Erin means The Kite RUNNER ;))