Wednesday, January 9, 2008


That was a good one! Thanks for the jokes! lol

Juan, thanks for the offer, I'll keep you in mind when the cashola runs low.

Good News, LM has already has a prospect for a new job. He has sent his resume out to a few places and one will be calling in the next day or two to set up an interview. WOOT! We are both going through the emotional roller coaster. One minute we are sooo happy that he doesn't have to go back to his old job and feel so sure that a new job is coming then 5 mins. later I feel vomitty from fear that he won't find anything and we'll lose the house and vehicles. I just keep reminding myself that it's not the end of the world and we're only 2 days into unemployment.

Today's favorite 5!!!! For some strange reason, it was tough to come up with my favorite 5.

1. When LM does the dishes, laundry, makes dinner and changes diapers. I love it and it doesn't happen often enough. The best part of unemployment is that he has become really helpful. :) I guess it's not as bad as I think it is.

2. Blue October, Foiled For The Last Time CD. I love it more every time I play it, I especially like the live cd. There's something comforting about slit your wrists depressing music. Like, things could always be worse.
3. Rainboots. I love them! I wish I had a cool pair in my size! Bubby lives in his firetruck boots, they were the best $20 I spent last year!

4. Chocolate chip cookies. Yum! They are my #1 favorite cookie with raisin oatmeal in a close 2nd. mmmm I need to make cookies tomorrow. I'm sure that'll make me feel sooooo much better.

5. The time between when the kids go to bed and when I go to bed. I love the sweet sound of silence. It's so...silent. I forget how noisy our house is till the kids are asleep. Wow... our kids are NOISY!


Vegas Family said...

I love your 5 favorites Cristine.
That time in the evening is one of my favorites as well.
I hope things work out soon for LM.

ajesplin said...

I have that CD--it's definitely slit-your-wrists good

Amy Thurston said...

I like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It's the best of both worlds.

Erin Beck said...

Peanut is my all time fav. Peanut butter anything, cereal, ice cream, a scoop on a spoon. LUV IT!! I dont care much for rain boots only becasue I dont care for rain. I luv flip flops. It represents sunshine and I luv any depressing song especially when I am depressed!