Monday, January 28, 2008


Sadly, the most interesting thing in my life right now is the weather. Yeah... my life is like that right now... your welcome to send your condolences.

Last night, after the kids had gone to bed, LM and I were playing a game when I noticed that our deck looked kind of funny. It took a few seconds to realize that there was SNOW! Since I'm a tired mother that did not want to wake the kids and then have to go through putting them back to bed, I made a wish that the snow would stay till morning so the kids could see it. My wish came true!

It only takes one child saying the word snow, to put the whole house into a frenzy finding hats, gloves, boots and warm clothes.

Princess was one of the first to be dressed and ready to play in the snow.
15 minutes later, she was the first to go back inside. I guess she didn't care for the cold that comes with snow.
Jackson noticed the snow first and made sure EVERYONE knew that there was snow. I'm sure our neighbors are thankful for the early morning wake up. He was also too happy to start throwing snow on everyone, even his innocent, loving, sweet mother who was inappropriately dressed for the occasion and yelling "I have the camera, you can't throw snow on me."
Sara was his next victim. Doesn't she look happy?
Sara chewing out Jackson for being so rude.
She recovered from the trauma and enjoyed the rest of her playing time in the snow.
Bubby, was very happy to tell me all about the snow. he had a few problems like when he was trying to shake the snow off his glove, his glove came off then not a moment later, he was kicking the snow and his boot came off.
Here's our friend Carrie, helping Bub back in his boot and putting his glove back on. Sadly, Carrie couldn't stay to play in the snow with us.


Markie23 said...

Those are great pic's Cristin. You're kids are so dang cute! Must be a Bailey gene :o)

Vegas Family said...

looks like everyone had a great time. I agree, very cute kids

Amy Thurston said...

I love it when they play in the snow for 5 minutes, walk across the newly mopped floor, then I mop it up again, then they decide they are warm again and want to go back out in the snow, but their clothes are wet, so they put on all new snow clothes, then go back out for another 5 minutes, then decide it really is too cold out there, so they come back in, tracking wet muck all over another newly mopped floor, and then they get beat up by some crazy lady who is sick of doing laundry and mopping floors. Man I hate the snow!

Markie23 said...

Somebody call the Waaaaambulance!

Emily said...

Gotta love a good Snow Day! My kids don't even know what that is, sadly. Love the pictures of your adorable kids!!

abutler said...

As you may know....I HATE THE SNOW!

ajesplin said...

Your kids are really cute! Snow would be fun... for just one day, though. The sun is always shinning here, but it's been super cold for some reason! (50s/60s)