Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday 5

1. Mrs W. I LOVE her, you know as much as you can love your childs teacher. Even though we homeschool, Jackson goes to the school for some "special" services. Anyway, he has THE BEST teacher. I adore her! She has such a positive attitude about everything and I'm so happy that he gets to spend time with her every week.

2. Maroon 5. I love there music so much I could marry it. LM doesn't care for the lead singer, he says he sounds too much like Michael Jackson...shrug. I still like them even though there latest album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long, is a bit bitter. It's this weeks favorite album.

3. A clean living room on days, like today, when I get 4 different surprise visits from people. Unfortunately, I had chosen the wrong day not to get out of jammies. Oh well, at least my house was clean.

4. Really awesome friends that feed all 6 of us at the spur of the moment. We lost power the other night, right when LM was getting dinner started. So, they invited us over. Not only was it totally cool of them but it was delicious. :) We love you Jay and Carrie!

5. Puzzles. I know I know, I'm a nerd! I can't help myself.

More Snow Pictures:
Princess found out that gravely snow doesn't taste very good. hahahahahaJackson some how got snow up his nose. I don't know's Jackson.

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ajesplin said...

I love a good 1,000 piece puzzle--when I'm in the mood.