Friday, February 29, 2008

It's comfirmed!

Paige is gorgeous. One question though....why is it that my babies looked like wrinkly old men and Clint and Darcy's babes come out looking beautiful????

Todays cool tunes

is dedicated to Marcs INXS t-shirt and his gheto blaster.


*I do apologize for the length of this entry, you are more than welcome to skip it, it wouldn't really hurt my feelings.

So while I was pondering what fabulous thing I could do for my blog, I thought that maybe I’ll start sharing some of my journal entries, because I have nothing better to do then to humiliate myself. But I'll be doing it from my 33 year old self point of view because it’s is actually funny (too me) about what I wrote and how I wrote. I was sooo serious, I don’t remember ever being that serious though I know I was. I think it has been years of finding ways to hide my pain that I became so sarcastic and found ways to laugh at everything because I do laugh at everything especially if I’m trying not to laugh at everything.

Anyway….I’ve been spending WAAAAY to much time entertaining myself with my journals. Seriously, it’s kind of weird! So, I came upon an entry about my 2nd boyfriend after he wasn’t my boyfriend. Sadly I hadn’t written in my journal during the time that we were “going out”(chuckle) but reading about after we broke up reminded me of the time during, which brought up all these memories including my first kiss that I try not to consider a kiss and after the story you can tell me if it’s ok for me to deny it being my first kiss. And “YES” you are correct, I did not kiss my first boyfriend which should tell you that I was young and immature and completely na├»ve…we did hold hands though. So, though this wasn’t from my journal, I’ll share it anyway, it’s funny in a pathetic, teenage angst sort of way.

My first boyfriend was Jeremy, oh Jeremy, he was tall good looking, uber smart and athletic…so like EVERYTHING and I was shy, average in EVERY way except in sports then I was waaaay below average. I don’t know what he saw in me and it doesn’t matter because we broke up after a very long month. Haha

Marc was my 2nd boyfriend, for me, it was unbelievable that anyone would like me. He liked me for a while before I even realized that he liked me, it was his sister that broke the news to me and asked me what I thought of him. “Thought??? Ummm I don’t know” was my brilliant reply. In fact I hadn’t ever really noticed him but after she informed me that he liked me I decided to take a closer look. Marc was cute, blonde, on the short side which was a-ok for me because I was short and he was taller than me, and that’s all I cared about. He was very spazzy in a cute funny way and didn’t seem shy which was ALWAYS attractive to me. Now the time between me being informed and us becoming a “couple” is kind of foggy, I don’t know why I would block that out except for maybe it just wasn’t interesting enough to keep my attention.

We became a “couple” during the summer of '88, actually right before school started. He lived in a different town then me but came to Panaca everyday because of football practice. I can still picture him walking to my house from the football field wearing an old INXS t-shirt, shorts and carrying his ghetto blaster. (chuckle) Every time I listen to my INXS Kick cd, it reminds me of him and always makes me laugh. He would come over and we would slow dance to “our song” which for the life of me I can not remember. He was very sweet, he even spray painted Grover (which is what he called himself) + CC surrounded by a heart underneath a bridge in Caliente. Can you saw awwww??? So sweet! Haha

We were a couple for a few weeks when his sister came up to me and asked me why I hadn’t kissed him yet. “um, I don’t know” again was my brilliant reply. From that moment on I knew it was coming. I was so nervous and excited all at the same time. I wanted to kiss him but was so nervous and afraid that I wouldn’t really know what to do that I was too afraid to kiss him.

Months before while visiting Tavia, we had gone to her friends house and I grilled her friend about HOW you French kiss. Do you start with mouths closed then open? Do you move your tongue around? It seems so technical and I was so afraid of doing it wrong.

So, the time had come, he had asked me to go to the movies. I wasn’t 16 yet so not at the “legal” age to date so it technically couldn’t be called a date but just a bunch of friends going to see a movie but it really wasn’t my friends. It was me, him, his sister and her friends that all went to the movie. I don’t know what we saw, all I could think about is that tonight was going to be the night. I had worn a cute white skirt that had two ruffles and I think I might have actually worn the matching jacket. I wore it because the week before he had mentioned that he would like to see me in a skirt.

So after the movie, we pulled up to my house. It was dark outside and the front porch light wast on. I was so nervous, I was almost shaking, I had been waiting a looong time for my first kiss or at least it felt that way. I was hoping for something a little more romantic then standing in front of his sister and her friends but I would take it. He walked me half way up the side walk towards the house when he turned to me, he moved his head so quickly, I wasn’t quite prepared for what happened next. In my mind I had always pictured a sweet closed mouth kiss that would change into a French kiss but my hyperactive boyfriend had other thoughts. As he came toward me with swiftness I had kept my mouth closed while he had opened his and he planted a big wet tongue on my closed mouth. The embarrassment was so great, that he didn’t say anything but ran to the car, jumped in and drove away. I stood there for a few awkward seconds trying to comprehend what had just happened. When I realized that he had run off, I ran into the house and tried not to think about how he was now telling his sister and her friends what had happened. I was beyond embarrassed thinking “It must be me, I must have done something wrong. Why didn’t anyone tell me that you just open your mouth first??? That’s not how it happened on Days Of Our Lives. Stupid soap opera!”

The fall out of that first kiss wasn’t so bad, we didn’t try kissing again and actually broke up soon after. Though, it wasn’t because of the “kissing incident” I’m sure it didn’t help.

Sigh…So, if you made it this far Congratulations!!!! And thank you for reading my sad pathetic story. Would you agree with me, that it’s ok to deny this being my first kiss? lol

Now, if you guys aren't completely bored, I may start sharing more embarrassing stories but really it's up to you. Please let me know if your up for more Cristin humiliation or if I should be keeping this stuff locked in my diary FOREVER. lol


Clint and Darcy had a baby girl!!!! Her name is Paige Louise, 7lbs 6 oz, according to Clint she has lots of dark brown hair. I can't wait to meet you Paige!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ok first I have to say that...

Cristin's Favorite 5 is like so Yesterday plus I'm kinda bored with it so I'm gonna have to think of something completely fabulous to take it's place. I'm feeling a bit saucy today so hopefully, I'll think of something great, cause heaven knows my life isn't that saucy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bubs wearing undies!

Hopefully soon, he'll wear them under his pants and without a diaper. (crossing fingers) haha

Besides everyones cough, we're all feeling much better. LM had a pretty good first day at his new job, we were pleased to find out that his schedule is flexible so he won't have to commute during rush hour. It'll save him a couple of hours of driving which is good for EVERYONE.

The reason

we bought a king size bed.

Love Machine starts his new job today and left before all the kids woke up. Jackson, who was the ONLY child who slept in his own bed last night came in and asked where dad was. Sara said with a laugh "He left with pants on." This is the first time in 9 years that Love Machine can't wear shorts to work....can you say BUMMER?! ?!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


We are all sick, even boozer doesn't look well. It's times like these that I wish I wasn't the Mommy. Luckily, everyone is so sick that the kids have just camped out on the couch and watched movies and nobody feels good enough to eat so I just have to make sure the kids get enough fluids and keep temperatures down. I mean, there are positives, Bub is so calm it's scary, and I have an excuse to lounge around in my drawstring flannel lounge pants and watch movies all day.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

This year, I think Love Machine might have given me a cold. He's thoughtful that way. I hope your Valentines day was better.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I FINALLY figured out how to add music to my blog. Now I'm cool...or I may just be a technology challenged woman with music on her blog. Whatever.

1800 myf-aves

1. Having my office/exercise room clean and organized...hypothetically. I now am all set up to sew, scrapbook, surf the net (which reminds me, when I was on Stephanie Meyers website, she was discussing how she is writing a book from Edwards point of view...can you say WOOT?! All Edward, all the time. No more searching the pages for the chapters that he's in, he'll be in ALL of them!) oh and I now have a place to exercise.

2. Good friends. This week my best friend Beth called to cry about her life and I cried with her and for her. She's had the worst week EVER. Anyway, it reminded me how happy I am that I have good friends that I can always count on and they can count on me. In this time of our lives, it's hard to find time to spend time together but when ever we are together or call each other it's like there has been no time between. We start where we left off and I'm so happy that I have friends like that because I have NO time for high maintenance friends right now.

3. Scrapbook paper. While cleaning my office, I realized how much scrapbook paper I have and how much I LOVE it! I really do, it might even be an obsession. Last year, as in December 2007, I had to put my foot down and not allow myself to buy any more till I start using it. It's painfully hard but I'm proving to have more self control than I thought and that's always good.

4. Journals. I found several treasures in the form of journals from my teenage years. Boy oh boy am I funny, too bad I wasn't meaning to be. Most of my journal entries start out with me saying "Nothing much happened today" (If I only knew that that time of my life would be the exciting time.) and ending with (close your eyes Love Machine) "Mike is fine", "I love Marc", "Paul is cute", "Kenny is cute" or "Ryan is cool" or a combination of all of those. Of course those are just for the months of August and September of 1989 when Tavia lived with us. Yes the one and only cousin Tavia. I may start sharing some of my deep teenage thoughts and then again it might be too painful forLove Machine to read that I was a boy crazy teenage girl.

5. Driving my van. I know vans aren't cool, trust me, I know, BUT I love driving it when I'm by myself and I can listen to my current favorite CD loudly with my seat warmer set to Hi. Love Machine now knows why it takes me 15 minutes to go to the post office at 9:00 at night when it's less than a mile away.

Don't you just hate it when...

you make an agreement with yourself that once such and such is done you'll no longer have an excuse not to do (fill in the blank). Then you get it done and your like "CRAP! I no longer have an excuse!". For example, this of course is hypothetical, I say "Once my office/exercise room is clean and organized I'll no longer have an excuse NOT to exercise. thing you know I'll be going to the Mayors weight loss support group...hypothetically speaking of course.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

80's movies

The other day I decided to watch Pretty In Pink. It's been YEARS since I've watched it. I use to LOVE this movie, the music, the actors but NOT her prom dress. EWWW what where they thinking???

Anyway, I watched it with my adult eyes and came away feeling very irritated. I no longer love Blaine (In the words of Ducky: "His names Blaine? That's a major appliance that's not a name") he was a jerk and I don't know why she would love him. When they go on there first day and he's telling her that they're going to a party and she 's like umm I don't think so and he says something about how they could hang out with her friends under a rock. Yeah...why didn't she tell him to jump off a cliff or something. THEN he makes her feel guilty for him being a total jerk. He's like, You didn't believe in me, well of course not moron, you didn't call her back and then you lied to her and told her you forgot you asked someone else to the prom. Umm I'm sorry but I wouldn't believe in you either. Oh oh oh and what kind of freakish universe would your dad ask you if your in love after your first date and then you tell him you think you are? I mean the movie still has redeeming qualities like the music, I love me my 80's music though I'm disappointed that they didn't actually have the good songs on the sound track. I love Annie Potts character and I LOVE the scene where Ducky slides into the record store and lip syncs/dances.

I don't really know why I'm talking about it on my blog, but I'm thinking about watching more 80's movies just to see if I feel the same way about them. I'm thinking of Some Kind of Wonderful, Sixteen Candles, Can't Buy Me Love, Breakfast Club. Can you think of any more?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Guess what?????

I was surfing the net and came upon Stephenie Meyers website and guess what she just announced???? Give up???? The release of the 4th book in her vampire series. WOOHOO!!!! I'm so happy! Should I be embarrassed that I'm this happy? Mind you the book won't be out till August but I pre-ordered so I'm good to go. In the mean time I pre-ordered her first adult fiction book The Host. I'm so excited, it's set to release in May, just in time for my birthday! I bet she planned it that way...and no, I'm not obsessed, why do you ask?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2 posts 1 day.

In the words of Sara "UNBELIVEABLE!" I actually almost forgot it was favorite 5 Wednesday.

1. LM friends. This past week, LM talked me into seeing 300. The movie sucked! Not even scantly clad men with 6 pack abs could save this movie from its suckiness. That's when I realized how much I love LMs friends. They usually save me from seeing sucky, scary or just plain uninteresting (to me) movies.

2. Diet Pepsi. I'm sad, ok, not really sad more...ashamed to say that I jumped with both feet off the Diet Pepsi wagon. Now that I'm feeling less stressed about work, money and life I'll quit again....maybe.

3. I love it when I go get my hair cut and when I say I want several inches cut off I hear "YAY! makeover" because I have heard "are you sure?" which makes me very nervous, like they don't trust themselves to cut off several inches. I like confident beauticians/hairdressers or whatever there called.

4. Orson Scott Card books. I forgot how much I enjoyed reading his books. 10 years ago I read my first OSC book called Lost Boys. It was so good but really sad and it took days to get it out of my system. I LOVE it when a book does that to me. Anyway, after I read Lost Boys, LM recommended I read Enders Shadow which was awesome and I don't know why I haven't read the whole series yet but I'm going to now...well after I finish reading Seventh Son, which is the beginning of another series. Anyway, I just like the way he writes and his books made me appreciate science fiction.

5. Netflix. Before netflix, we would have several late fee charges and now we don't PLUS, I don't have to leave home which is totally AWESOME.

If Katie Holmes hair makes the news so should mine!

It seems this week is the week for haircuts, Emily was kind enough to give Boozer a nice hair cut. Instead of being like every other kid with scissors and cutting her own hair, her sisters hair or even her barbies hair she decides that our short hair chilala needs a trim. Like the poor dog doesn't already have issues....
I went for my bi-yearly, I'm not kidding, I only go twice a year. This time, since we're a little poorish, I went and got a $13.00 cut at Great don't have to tell me I'm risking my hair, I already know. I was feeling desperate and cheap. Luckily, I LOVE it and it feels great. This week I've been having some self esteem issues and NEEDED a change. The following happened that made me take drastic measures with my hair.
1. My son called me 4 eyes
2. The Mayor of Dayton, who is also my friend and neighbor stopped me on the main road to tell me that I should come to her weight loss support group
3. I woke up with 4 zits on my face, which reminds me, why is it that at the ripe age of 33 I get more zits then when I was a teenager? It's cruel, just plain cruel!
4. I noticed that my wiry gray hairs doubled since last week! it is, my before and also Bubby's before. My poor kids, I usually depend on my friend Beth to cut my kids hair, she normally takes it upon herself to trim up or cut bangs or whatever. I love her for it, but she is having big life issues and can't concern herself with my kids hair right now.
AND the after. This is what happens when we are left to cut Bubs hair. I hope he forgives us one day.
I should point out that I do accept lies when I ask about my hair or my clothes. I just wanted to point that out in case someone decides that they should tell me what they really think.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl


I hope everyone is pigging out on good food and hope whoever your rooting for wins. Who's playing again????

We of course will not be watching the game like we don't every year. Have fun!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Love Machine was woken up at 6:50 this morning by a contract company offering him a job. YAY! It's only for 6 months but he'll be working in Delphi (don't ask me what it is, I don't know but he's happy about it). GRATS LM! I love you babe! Now, we're off to go buy some slacks, which he hasn't had to do since the 90's....yeah....scary.