Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1800 myf-aves

1. Having my office/exercise room clean and organized...hypothetically. I now am all set up to sew, scrapbook, surf the net (which reminds me, when I was on Stephanie Meyers website, she was discussing how she is writing a book from Edwards point of view...can you say WOOT?! All Edward, all the time. No more searching the pages for the chapters that he's in, he'll be in ALL of them!) oh and I now have a place to exercise.

2. Good friends. This week my best friend Beth called to cry about her life and I cried with her and for her. She's had the worst week EVER. Anyway, it reminded me how happy I am that I have good friends that I can always count on and they can count on me. In this time of our lives, it's hard to find time to spend time together but when ever we are together or call each other it's like there has been no time between. We start where we left off and I'm so happy that I have friends like that because I have NO time for high maintenance friends right now.

3. Scrapbook paper. While cleaning my office, I realized how much scrapbook paper I have and how much I LOVE it! I really do, it might even be an obsession. Last year, as in December 2007, I had to put my foot down and not allow myself to buy any more till I start using it. It's painfully hard but I'm proving to have more self control than I thought and that's always good.

4. Journals. I found several treasures in the form of journals from my teenage years. Boy oh boy am I funny, too bad I wasn't meaning to be. Most of my journal entries start out with me saying "Nothing much happened today" (If I only knew that that time of my life would be the exciting time.) and ending with (close your eyes Love Machine) "Mike is fine", "I love Marc", "Paul is cute", "Kenny is cute" or "Ryan is cool" or a combination of all of those. Of course those are just for the months of August and September of 1989 when Tavia lived with us. Yes the one and only cousin Tavia. I may start sharing some of my deep teenage thoughts and then again it might be too painful forLove Machine to read that I was a boy crazy teenage girl.

5. Driving my van. I know vans aren't cool, trust me, I know, BUT I love driving it when I'm by myself and I can listen to my current favorite CD loudly with my seat warmer set to Hi. Love Machine now knows why it takes me 15 minutes to go to the post office at 9:00 at night when it's less than a mile away.


Larry said...

"then again it might be too painful for Love Machine to read that I was a boy crazy teenage girl."

Like I don't already know. Your first issue of Tiger Beat should be arriving here real soon. ;-P

Cristin said...

oooh! I can hardly wait! I hope there's pictures of Ralph Macchio.

Emily said...

I'm loving you and LM's dialogue!!

I loved hearing about your journal entries. All too familiar:)!!