Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2 posts 1 day.

In the words of Sara "UNBELIVEABLE!" I actually almost forgot it was favorite 5 Wednesday.

1. LM friends. This past week, LM talked me into seeing 300. The movie sucked! Not even scantly clad men with 6 pack abs could save this movie from its suckiness. That's when I realized how much I love LMs friends. They usually save me from seeing sucky, scary or just plain uninteresting (to me) movies.

2. Diet Pepsi. I'm sad, ok, not really sad more...ashamed to say that I jumped with both feet off the Diet Pepsi wagon. Now that I'm feeling less stressed about work, money and life I'll quit again....maybe.

3. I love it when I go get my hair cut and when I say I want several inches cut off I hear "YAY! makeover" because I have heard "are you sure?" which makes me very nervous, like they don't trust themselves to cut off several inches. I like confident beauticians/hairdressers or whatever there called.

4. Orson Scott Card books. I forgot how much I enjoyed reading his books. 10 years ago I read my first OSC book called Lost Boys. It was so good but really sad and it took days to get it out of my system. I LOVE it when a book does that to me. Anyway, after I read Lost Boys, LM recommended I read Enders Shadow which was awesome and I don't know why I haven't read the whole series yet but I'm going to now...well after I finish reading Seventh Son, which is the beginning of another series. Anyway, I just like the way he writes and his books made me appreciate science fiction.

5. Netflix. Before netflix, we would have several late fee charges and now we don't PLUS, I don't have to leave home which is totally AWESOME.


Larry said...

300 wasn't that bad... Though I could do without all the "12-packs" and the bare Leonidas rear-end but otherwise.

Now as to Orson Scott Card:
1. Lost Boys was a good book in a "I want to read about sick murdering pederasts" kind of way I guess. Not Orson's best work frankly.
2. Actually I recommended Enders Game first, the true beginning of the series. Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide are both really good also however the series goes to stupid-ville with Children of the Mind. Seriously I wanted to barf when it got to the "Let's all sit in the flying saucer and argue about who loves who" section. I put it down then and I will never pick it back up. Ender's Shadow is great also-ran book with Ender's Game it's awesome for it's own reasons. Seventh Son... No thanks, the very premise just seems lame to me (No offense honey), plus no starships, aliens or ass-kicking. BORRRIIINNNNG!

Vegas Family said...

I have never tried Netflix. I see the commerical for it all the time. I will have to give it a shot.

I have tried to kick my Diet Coke habit many times and failed.

abutler said...

Love Diet Coke & Netflix. Should quit both.

ajesplin said...

We do the mail movies to your home from Blockbuster (cause then we can take then back to Blockbuster and trade them if we forget to put more movies in our queue--which is always), and drink Diet Coke. Same thing, right?