Wednesday, February 6, 2008

If Katie Holmes hair makes the news so should mine!

It seems this week is the week for haircuts, Emily was kind enough to give Boozer a nice hair cut. Instead of being like every other kid with scissors and cutting her own hair, her sisters hair or even her barbies hair she decides that our short hair chilala needs a trim. Like the poor dog doesn't already have issues....
I went for my bi-yearly, I'm not kidding, I only go twice a year. This time, since we're a little poorish, I went and got a $13.00 cut at Great don't have to tell me I'm risking my hair, I already know. I was feeling desperate and cheap. Luckily, I LOVE it and it feels great. This week I've been having some self esteem issues and NEEDED a change. The following happened that made me take drastic measures with my hair.
1. My son called me 4 eyes
2. The Mayor of Dayton, who is also my friend and neighbor stopped me on the main road to tell me that I should come to her weight loss support group
3. I woke up with 4 zits on my face, which reminds me, why is it that at the ripe age of 33 I get more zits then when I was a teenager? It's cruel, just plain cruel!
4. I noticed that my wiry gray hairs doubled since last week! it is, my before and also Bubby's before. My poor kids, I usually depend on my friend Beth to cut my kids hair, she normally takes it upon herself to trim up or cut bangs or whatever. I love her for it, but she is having big life issues and can't concern herself with my kids hair right now.
AND the after. This is what happens when we are left to cut Bubs hair. I hope he forgives us one day.
I should point out that I do accept lies when I ask about my hair or my clothes. I just wanted to point that out in case someone decides that they should tell me what they really think.


Sephalo said...

Cris, you are SO BEAUTIFUL, I love your new 'do'! You dont look 33 AT ALL! (bubbys "hair" rocks!)

Emily said...

I LOVE your haircut! YOu have always had such awesome hair--I was always jealous! It must feel nice to have all that weight off your shoulders. Cute! Now, your son's haircut...what's that all about:)?

abutler said...

I swear you haven't aged a bit...that's not a lie.

sarastrasser said...

I love your son's haircut. And your too of course. I think mohawks on little boys is cute.

ajesplin said...

Your hair look gorgeous! And very healthy. I need a haircut so bad--it's dry, damaged, thin, and super long. I went in to get it cut, and I swear it looked LONGER when the girl was done with it. Magical!