Monday, March 24, 2008

It's SPRING!!!!!!

I LOOOOOOOOOVE Spring! I do, I really really do! I can't believe I made it through another Oregonian winter.

The sun has been shining with bits of rain here and there, the Daffodils are in bloom and soon my Tulips will be too. I drove the van today with the windows down....Spring is AWESOME!!!!! I love you Spring!!!!!

Unfortunately with Spring comes the against nature. Every year since we moved here I have fought the fight and every year nature wins but not his year!!!! No, not this year.....
This year my grass is going to be green because it grass not Ivy!

This year my backyard will not be a large blackberry bush!

I'm going to win...oh yes...I am going to win!!!!!!!

It's going to be a somewhat bitter sweet battle. My poor neighbor Hank, I know has desired for us to take care of our yard since we moved in and every year we have failed him. Now....he's moved and he won't be able to enjoy the work I'm going to put into our yard. Poor Hank!

This is Hanks yard, mind you, it's still coming out of winter but when it's full spring and summer, his grass is the greenest grass, his flower garden is gorgeous and his fruit trees in bloom is a sight to see.
Hanks back yard ( which backs up to the dirt road that's between his backyard and the side of our house)

Our back yard, it looks better this year, last year almost the whole back yard was a gigantic blackberry bush...the WHOLE back yard. I wish I was exagerating but I'm not. I'm kind of sick of having to cut down the weeds and blackberry's so I might actually rent goats this year. can actually rent goats! They love blackberry bushes and could take care of the yard pretty quickly.
Hanks flowers. I don't know if you can see but he even has grape vines in his yard. sigh

My flower garden. It's sad...very very sad. Last fall I pulled everything out except our little maple tree and the bulbs. I don't remember why but I think I was just sick of it so now I'm spending my days looking at pictures and garden plans, trying to decide what I'm going to plant. Wish me luck!


Anyone else eat too much of there kids Easter candy? As much candy as I ate yesterday, I seem to be unable to stop eating it. Someone needs to take action now, I obviously have no self control!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"The Away Game"

As I said before, my first boyfriend was Jeremy, the athlete, hard worker, good looking guy, who is no doubt a brain surgeon by now. I wish I were kidding, he's that smart. Anyway, after going out for a month, which "going out" meant occasionally holding hands, writing notes to each other which weren't really that interesting and me shyly trying to avoid looking him in the face. His notes usually said something like, I got another A, this class is so easy, I'm so smart blah blah blah. Okay, he didn't say the last part, it's my own inadequacies that forced me to add that part but his notes really weren't that interesting especially to a 14 year old, BUT on occasion he would write something sweet like " I hope to see you later" and other romantic stuff like that.

Out of complete and utter fear I decided that I could no longer be his girlfriend. I wrote him a note telling him that I wanted to break up. There was no way on this earth that I would have said that in person....NO POSSIBLE WAY! I could barely speak in front of him or toward him or in the same vacinity as him without blushing so there is no way that I would break up with him face to face.

I kept it pretty quiet, only a few people knew that we broke up even though the whole school seemed to know we were "going out". I should point out that the school was 8th-12th and approximately 250 students total. How it stayed quiet so long I will never know.

The Friday after we broke up there was an away game. I can't remember what sport it was but since he played football, basketball and track it could have been any of those. Away games meant a several hour bus ride no matter where the game was because it's Nevada and Nevada is made up of small and some large cities separated by several hours of nothing.

On this away game Michelle came into the picture. I guarantee this will not be the last time she will be in one of my stories. She is tall, blonde, very flirty and forward.

Monday, following the away game, as I walked the halls before class started, I could hear whispering and noticed kids staring at me. I quickly checked myself to make sure I was fully dressed, then walked quickly to the bathroom to do a booger check. I was clear! But why were kids staring at me? I couldn't understand, I had seemed or so I thought, to have this amazing ability to blend in, so why were kids noticing me today?

Finally, Shauna, a girl that I barely knew came up to me and said she was sorry that Jeremy did "that" to me. "What do you mean?" I asked. She then informed me that Michelle and Jeremy "made out" on the bus and now EVERYONE knew and because very few people knew we broke up, I had a school full of kids thinking he cheated on me. I was humiliated, I wanted to run down the halls screaming "I broke up with him before the away game!" but me being me, I could barely tell this girl that I had broken up with him before the game. I tried to hide in the safety of my friends and had them spread the news that we had broken up.

To top the day off, Michelle came up to me to tell me how upset SHE was that people were blaming her for cheating and breaking us up even though she had known that we had broken up. I don't know what she expected from me, or if she wanted me to run around to clear things up for HER but I wanted to die and nearly could have from embarrassment.

Luckily, the humiliation was short lived, there's always new gossip and our story became old pretty quickly.

Jeremy did send me one last note that just happened to be the best of them all. Unfortunately for you, I'll be keeping that note to myself.

Jeremy and I became friends, it's hard not to in such a small school, I was even finally able to look him in the face while speaking to him. In fact, I still think of Jeremy as one of the coolest guys I've ever been friends with.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008



My beautiful little smarty pants, spider monkey, joke telling, geek magazine reading, tippy toe walking 8 year old.

You've been a joy from the moment you were born. I'm so thankful that I get to be your mom and see you grow up and become even more amazing!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Time flies when your doing nothing. We are on our second round of sickness, all the kids have head colds, which have caused my gag reflexed to go into over time. snot= gagging Cristin. It has been kind of fun to have Princess sound like Barry White but a little scary when she wakes me up with that voice.

I'm putting the finishing touches on another Cristin story, I'm having troubles with the ending...I'm sure it's psychological or something...I should check with my therapist/sister to see what she thinks. But it should be up on Wednesday...lucky you! By the way thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This Panaca story

I'm calling "The Cougar" and as you will find out, I'm pretty creative with my titles.

Summer of '89, news had spread quickly, like it always does in a small town, that there was a cougar lose. There had been several eye witness accounts of seeing this cougar. It had been seen inside the garage of a friend, had killed the local Judges goat and had been seen in the corn fields along the mile long highway from town to the small restaurant outside of town, creatively called the "Y" because that's what the road does at the end of the highway.

Though my parents didn't show real concern, my friend's parents were a little bit panicked about it and didn't like us kids wondering around town at night which just happened to be our favorite activity. Friday, September 22, 1989, after a volleyball game my friend Meghan talked me into going to the Sadie Hawkins dance with her and our friend Monica. Sadie Hawkins AKA Girls choice dance, which means I would not be going because I would rather cut off my arm then risk being rejected.

Before the dance, we decided that we would go to the Y for dinner then go to the dance afterwards. Monica's Mom dropped us off with a warning to wait for her to pick us up because she didn't want us out alone.

After dinner, we waited for Monica's mom but being impatient teenagers we decided that we would run back to town instead of waiting any longer. It was already dark and the highway between town and the Y did not have any lights.

I don't know where we got the nerve, especially after the warning we got from Monica's mom but we started running back.

Now, I think I might have mentioned that I'm not really athletic, unfortunately for me my friends were. I should have thought about that before realizing that if the cougar happened to chase us I would be more than likely be the victim. But who thinks about things like that??? Not me!

As we ran towards town, we heard a rustling sound in the corn field, we looked at each other and without saying anything we ran a little faster. I knew with all my heart that that noise was the cougar, I also knew that I was going to be the cougar's dinner that night. I wanted to say something to Monica and Meghan, to have them tell my family that I loved them. The sound in the corn field seemed to get louder and louder...I was on the verge of tears, and clearly could have peed my pants if I hadn't used the bathroom before we left the Y. I prayed with everything I had that my legs would move faster but I knew not even God could make me move faster than a cougar. Just as I thought my end was near, I saw headlights, I said a small prayer of thanks. I was saved! It was Monica's mom, she pulled over and let us in. None of us dare say anything to her about what we heard but I'm sure she could tell something wasn't right. I mean here were 3 teenage girls and none of us were saying anything.

We went on that night like nothing happened, we had a good time at the dance, had our picture taken together but we did not talk about what happened, or almost happened. Bu I'll always remember it as the night I was almost eaten by a cougar.

Just wanted to comment

and answer a question from Anna and Emily.

First, Anna, I remember the time that you guys came and I also remember that HE was TOTALLY worth crying over. Not only was he VERY good looking, smart but also one of the nicest guys I have ever met...seriously. I would have cried over him too. lol

Second. I had a love hate relationship with Panaca. I loved it because it was the first time that we stayed any where for more than a year, I made some of the best friends I have ever had and I still keep in touch with some of them and I have a lot of good memories. BUT as a teenager I thought it was the worst kind of prison! We were over an hour away from "Civilization" and I knew that I was missing out on something by living out in nowhere Nevada.

When I found out Mom and Dad were leaving Panaca, I cried for a couple of days. Even though I had already left home I was broken hearted that I would no longer have a home to come home too and an excuse to go back and visit. In fact, I'm still really sad about it and have thought about taking a road trip with the kids to show them all the cool stuff we used to do.

So, anyway, hopefully you'll read this first before I post my next post which will be a Panaca story but luckily for me and unlucky for you it's not a teen anst story but a story I think is but not then.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Happy Birthday Grandpa Clubb! We love you and hope you have a great Birthday!



Happy Birthday to you
Cha cha cha
Happy Birthday to you
Cha cha cha
Happy Birthday dear Bubby
Happy Birthday to you
cha cha cha

I'll be forever grateful that God is WAAAAAY smarter then me and knew that we needed you in our family. We love you!