Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"The Away Game"

As I said before, my first boyfriend was Jeremy, the athlete, hard worker, good looking guy, who is no doubt a brain surgeon by now. I wish I were kidding, he's that smart. Anyway, after going out for a month, which "going out" meant occasionally holding hands, writing notes to each other which weren't really that interesting and me shyly trying to avoid looking him in the face. His notes usually said something like, I got another A, this class is so easy, I'm so smart blah blah blah. Okay, he didn't say the last part, it's my own inadequacies that forced me to add that part but his notes really weren't that interesting especially to a 14 year old, BUT on occasion he would write something sweet like " I hope to see you later" and other romantic stuff like that.

Out of complete and utter fear I decided that I could no longer be his girlfriend. I wrote him a note telling him that I wanted to break up. There was no way on this earth that I would have said that in person....NO POSSIBLE WAY! I could barely speak in front of him or toward him or in the same vacinity as him without blushing so there is no way that I would break up with him face to face.

I kept it pretty quiet, only a few people knew that we broke up even though the whole school seemed to know we were "going out". I should point out that the school was 8th-12th and approximately 250 students total. How it stayed quiet so long I will never know.

The Friday after we broke up there was an away game. I can't remember what sport it was but since he played football, basketball and track it could have been any of those. Away games meant a several hour bus ride no matter where the game was because it's Nevada and Nevada is made up of small and some large cities separated by several hours of nothing.

On this away game Michelle came into the picture. I guarantee this will not be the last time she will be in one of my stories. She is tall, blonde, very flirty and forward.

Monday, following the away game, as I walked the halls before class started, I could hear whispering and noticed kids staring at me. I quickly checked myself to make sure I was fully dressed, then walked quickly to the bathroom to do a booger check. I was clear! But why were kids staring at me? I couldn't understand, I had seemed or so I thought, to have this amazing ability to blend in, so why were kids noticing me today?

Finally, Shauna, a girl that I barely knew came up to me and said she was sorry that Jeremy did "that" to me. "What do you mean?" I asked. She then informed me that Michelle and Jeremy "made out" on the bus and now EVERYONE knew and because very few people knew we broke up, I had a school full of kids thinking he cheated on me. I was humiliated, I wanted to run down the halls screaming "I broke up with him before the away game!" but me being me, I could barely tell this girl that I had broken up with him before the game. I tried to hide in the safety of my friends and had them spread the news that we had broken up.

To top the day off, Michelle came up to me to tell me how upset SHE was that people were blaming her for cheating and breaking us up even though she had known that we had broken up. I don't know what she expected from me, or if she wanted me to run around to clear things up for HER but I wanted to die and nearly could have from embarrassment.

Luckily, the humiliation was short lived, there's always new gossip and our story became old pretty quickly.

Jeremy did send me one last note that just happened to be the best of them all. Unfortunately for you, I'll be keeping that note to myself.

Jeremy and I became friends, it's hard not to in such a small school, I was even finally able to look him in the face while speaking to him. In fact, I still think of Jeremy as one of the coolest guys I've ever been friends with.


Emily said...

Dang! You're really not gonna share the letter!??!

sarastrasser said...

I know! I want to know what the letter said too. Maybe another post.

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Amy Thurston said...

I hate Michelle!

ajesplin said...

Oh, the angst! If you don't share the letter, than I will withhold the contents of the note I found on my car windshield after school one day from Ben.