Monday, March 24, 2008

It's SPRING!!!!!!

I LOOOOOOOOOVE Spring! I do, I really really do! I can't believe I made it through another Oregonian winter.

The sun has been shining with bits of rain here and there, the Daffodils are in bloom and soon my Tulips will be too. I drove the van today with the windows down....Spring is AWESOME!!!!! I love you Spring!!!!!

Unfortunately with Spring comes the against nature. Every year since we moved here I have fought the fight and every year nature wins but not his year!!!! No, not this year.....
This year my grass is going to be green because it grass not Ivy!

This year my backyard will not be a large blackberry bush!

I'm going to win...oh yes...I am going to win!!!!!!!

It's going to be a somewhat bitter sweet battle. My poor neighbor Hank, I know has desired for us to take care of our yard since we moved in and every year we have failed him. Now....he's moved and he won't be able to enjoy the work I'm going to put into our yard. Poor Hank!

This is Hanks yard, mind you, it's still coming out of winter but when it's full spring and summer, his grass is the greenest grass, his flower garden is gorgeous and his fruit trees in bloom is a sight to see.
Hanks back yard ( which backs up to the dirt road that's between his backyard and the side of our house)

Our back yard, it looks better this year, last year almost the whole back yard was a gigantic blackberry bush...the WHOLE back yard. I wish I was exagerating but I'm not. I'm kind of sick of having to cut down the weeds and blackberry's so I might actually rent goats this year. can actually rent goats! They love blackberry bushes and could take care of the yard pretty quickly.
Hanks flowers. I don't know if you can see but he even has grape vines in his yard. sigh

My flower garden. It's sad...very very sad. Last fall I pulled everything out except our little maple tree and the bulbs. I don't remember why but I think I was just sick of it so now I'm spending my days looking at pictures and garden plans, trying to decide what I'm going to plant. Wish me luck!


Amy Thurston said...

Every year we say we are going to do something with our yard, and we never do. I think you will be the one to break that chain! I will be waiting for pictures.

Emily said...

I LOVE Spring time in Oregon. I hope you enjoy it!!

ajesplin said...

Blackberries sound yum! Your backyard is like a smörgåsbord of free food. Pretty pictures.

abutler said...

We are still waiting for any sign of spring here.

Amanda said...

Everything there looks so beautiful! I love Spring so much too. Yipee it's here!!!

Markie23 said...

Our spring is still a few weeks away. I wish I had your enthusiasm about yard work.

Vegas Family said...

I love spring also. Especially here in Las Vegas. It is the perfect weather. Enjoyed a great visit from Cathe and Lindsay. I miss sure miss them both!