Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This Panaca story

I'm calling "The Cougar" and as you will find out, I'm pretty creative with my titles.

Summer of '89, news had spread quickly, like it always does in a small town, that there was a cougar lose. There had been several eye witness accounts of seeing this cougar. It had been seen inside the garage of a friend, had killed the local Judges goat and had been seen in the corn fields along the mile long highway from town to the small restaurant outside of town, creatively called the "Y" because that's what the road does at the end of the highway.

Though my parents didn't show real concern, my friend's parents were a little bit panicked about it and didn't like us kids wondering around town at night which just happened to be our favorite activity. Friday, September 22, 1989, after a volleyball game my friend Meghan talked me into going to the Sadie Hawkins dance with her and our friend Monica. Sadie Hawkins AKA Girls choice dance, which means I would not be going because I would rather cut off my arm then risk being rejected.

Before the dance, we decided that we would go to the Y for dinner then go to the dance afterwards. Monica's Mom dropped us off with a warning to wait for her to pick us up because she didn't want us out alone.

After dinner, we waited for Monica's mom but being impatient teenagers we decided that we would run back to town instead of waiting any longer. It was already dark and the highway between town and the Y did not have any lights.

I don't know where we got the nerve, especially after the warning we got from Monica's mom but we started running back.

Now, I think I might have mentioned that I'm not really athletic, unfortunately for me my friends were. I should have thought about that before realizing that if the cougar happened to chase us I would be more than likely be the victim. But who thinks about things like that??? Not me!

As we ran towards town, we heard a rustling sound in the corn field, we looked at each other and without saying anything we ran a little faster. I knew with all my heart that that noise was the cougar, I also knew that I was going to be the cougar's dinner that night. I wanted to say something to Monica and Meghan, to have them tell my family that I loved them. The sound in the corn field seemed to get louder and louder...I was on the verge of tears, and clearly could have peed my pants if I hadn't used the bathroom before we left the Y. I prayed with everything I had that my legs would move faster but I knew not even God could make me move faster than a cougar. Just as I thought my end was near, I saw headlights, I said a small prayer of thanks. I was saved! It was Monica's mom, she pulled over and let us in. None of us dare say anything to her about what we heard but I'm sure she could tell something wasn't right. I mean here were 3 teenage girls and none of us were saying anything.

We went on that night like nothing happened, we had a good time at the dance, had our picture taken together but we did not talk about what happened, or almost happened. Bu I'll always remember it as the night I was almost eaten by a cougar.


abutler said...

I remember this

sarastrasser said...

Very creepy. I am glad you didn't get eaten by the cougar. Maybe you wouldn't have been as big of a challenge for him and he would have moved on to one of your friends.

Markie23 said...

That's a great story. I only went to Panaca once but it is the place where I saw more stars in the sky than I had ever seen in my life. I was amazed. I have wanted to go back ever since so I could see that many stars again.

ajesplin said...

All this time, I thought Pancake-a was in California. I have a similar story that involves a bear. I was almost killed by a bear at girl's camp, and no one believed me... but the bear came back that night and sat on Amy (who was smashed up against the edge of the tent)... then they believed me.

Emily said...

Why hadn't I heard this story before??!! CRAZY!

Amy Thurston said...

I DID get sat on by a bear!!! And I got circle by a cayote at a pay phone in the middle of nowhere in Nevada. So I kind of know what it is like to have your life flash before your eyes. I am glad you lived to tell the tale, otherwise we would be reading Cathe's blog about the time her sister got eaten by a cougar, only she never updates, so we would probably never even know about it.

Vegas Family said...

I love reading your stories. I have a great memory of Panaca and good time with Cathe. That is a fun little town.