Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm the worst wife EVER

But I guess better late then never.

Love Machine had his annual Geeky Birthday Party and luckily for me I wasn't invited! I'm not geek enough and I'm ok with that.

Party Food

Lil' Smokie AKA:Guy Party Food

and of course, "I'm sorry but my wife made me" party food.

AND last but definately not least THE GEEKS minus Love Machine, who was taking the pictures, because I'm the worst wife ever and didn't take them myself.
I love you Love Machine!


Markie23 said...

Wow. I consider myself a pretty big nerd, but I have to say that really IS geeky!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday to Love Machine! I love that you call him that.

Guhn said...
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sarastrasser said...

Happy Birthday L.M. Did you vegetable tray get eaten?

Amy Thurston said...

It looks like the party was a HUGE success! "Chips, dips, and dorks"
^^ My favorite line from Can't Buy Me Love. Which is right up there with Pretty in Pink.

ajesplin said...

What?!?! You are an incredible wife! Lil smokies? But what is the deal with all these spamonators on your blog? One almost got me.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Love Machine. That's a pretty dorky, but fun party you had!