Thursday, April 10, 2008


I have an itunes gift card burning a whole in my pocket and a desperate need for a new favorite album. Sooooooooooooo, I need some music recommendations, what are you listening too that you love? I pretty much like everything, even music that isn't slit your wrists depressing. haha


Markie23 said...
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Markie23 said...

If you are in the mood for Rock - not heavy metal, but good hard Rock with a Blues edge and incredible guitar work, check out the following CD's by Kenny Wayne Shepherd:
-Trouble Is...
-Ledbetter heights
-Live On
and these two by Jonny Lang:
-Lie To Me
-Wander This World

Larry said...


BoltThrower - Those Once Loyal

Of course, you could just borrow mine.

Larry said...

Just in case you are undecided, here are two of the best songs on Those Once Loyal.

The Killchain

Those Once Loyal

ajesplin said...

NKOTB is coming out with a new album in May. I guess I would recommend that.

Emily said...

Dang- I was hoping I could get some new music ideas from your comments, but no such luck. I'm always looking for new music, mine is getting OLD!

nurseday said...

The Kooks Just came out with a new CD. I love, love. love them!!

nurseday said...

Oh and the Hush Sound. give them a try, and Jason mraz came out with a new CD. I love hime too :)