Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Foolin Math Equation

Emily's braid Plus
multiplied by
to the 2nd power
divided by a quick trip to get a 44oz.
Subtract a trip to Great Clips
Subtract happy caffeinated Cristin
and her newly styled hair


abutler said...

Cute. I'm with you on the caffinated beverage. It makes me happy.

sarastrasser said...

That is too funny. Her hair cut looks cute.

Amy Thurston said...

That is why I hate laffy taffy, and love diet coke. Her hair did turn out cute, but I think she would even look cute bald.

ajesplin said...

How am I supposed to compete with that kind of creativity? Picture math? You rule!

Amanda said...

What a fun post. Very clever. Glad it all worked out alright!

Emily said...

Ok, I've been slacking on my blog stalking, but that post was FUNNY!!! Thanks for the laugh! Her haircut is pretty darn cute!!