Sunday, April 20, 2008


My blog has been so boring that not even I want to read it. How sad is that? We've been going through some NEVER ending sickness, this is round 3 and hopefully the last of it. So, I thought since I haven't been doing anything interesting that I might bring back my favorite 5 back this week and hopefully, next week I'll have something interesting going on. :)

1. Love Machine. I love you babe! I really do! This is day 3 of me being sick and I've spent most of it in bed watching movies and listening to music while LM, takes care of the kids, buys lunch and dinner and makes his famous (in this house) milkshakes for my sore throat. Thanks babe!

2. Netflix, not only netflix but Instant netflix where I can download movies, tv shows and watch them in the comfort of my bedroom.

3. My laptop! So I can watch movies in my room without having to move a tv and dvd player in here. Plus, I can web surf and connect to the outside world.

4. Jim 'Hot Pockets' Gaffigan. He's hilarious and I watched one of his shows on netflix today, not only is he funny but he's as pasty white as me and somehow that's comforting....

5. Once again I have to mention my portable heater. I go from sweating to freezing in an instant and it's been there...waiting patiently for me to need it. I love you portable heater!


sarastrasser said...

We don't do Netflix but we do the Blockbuster Pass and we love it too. It is sometimes nice to get sick and just lay in bed for a day or too.

Emily said...

Jim Gaffigan is heelarious!! Yay for husbands who make milkshakes for sick wives!!

abutler said...

I like your Fav 5. Thanks for bringing it back. Ditto on NetFlix.

Fenrisar said...

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