Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm sooooooooo in LOVE

With Tryon Creek State Park I'm not kidding, I think this is the real thing!!!! TRUE LOVE!

I took the kids last week, this is the first time that I've ever been and could kick myself for never going before. It is GORGEOUS and amazing and cool and totally green and awesome and the best park EVER. You drive into the park and instantly become amazed that your in the city. They have trails of all types, easy walking/ wheelchair, hiking, biking and even horse trails. We didn't pass a whole lot of people on the trails but those we did were all runners which TOTALLY makes me want to be a runner but only if we lived near this park and I could run here everyday...wait no... twice a day. I would be totally fit...but alas, we don't live near it, I tried talking LM into selling and moving close to it but he made some kind of scoffing noise which I think means no...so I guess I won't be getting totally fit and becoming some great runner...too bad, it sounded cool.

The only bummer was I came to the realization that it's not always a good idea to take Bubby with us, his 'tude is what caused me to write my previous post, which by the way, thanks for the offers but I changed my mind....ugh...him and his addictive laugh...I decided I can't live without it, it would be like taking my oxygen away and that wouldn't be good.

Unfortunately most of my pictures were blurry, it wasn't until right before we left did I finally figure out why they were coming out bad...I'm retarded.
This is one of many bridges.
Sara caught fighting with Jackson...again.
The best park EVER!


Emily said...

Oh my goodness that park looks HEAVENLY!! Glad you had such a nice time (minus the fighting). What would an outing be without it though?

ajesplin said...

I bet a family of friendly and GORGEOUS vampires live there.

Amanda said...

It looks beautiful. Glad you had such a great experience there!

Amy Thurston said...

I think that is where bigfoot lives.