Thursday, May 8, 2008

Willamette Mission State Park

I should start out by saying this adventure did not go as smoothly as the last one but it was alright and I learned about what to do and not to do.

Things to do:
1. Make sure Sara eats breakfast.
2. In the words of Sara "I'm not built for cold weather". It wasn't that cold but it's Sara and she is worse than me when it comes to the cold, she's also skeletal. She plans on moving to the desert when she gets older. I need to make sure she has several warm layers.
3. Make sure to bring my handy dandy Ergo because Bub is heavy. He got a little tired on the walk back and I had to carry him on my back.
4. Don't let the kids look at the sign that tells you how long the trail is....sigh. For some reason when the kids saw the sign that said the trial was 2.5 miles they freaked and kept saying it's too far...even though, they ran that when we went to Champoeg.....sigh.

WMSP is a short trip from our house and to get there we had to cross the Wheatland Ferry. It's the same crossing that brought the first wagon trains over the Willamette River. Jackson was the only one that wasn't excited about traveling on the ferry even though it takes less than a minute to cross. He was nervous the whole time... Crazy kid.
They post these signs all over the park to make sure EVERYONE is aware of the dangers of being in Cougar country. ( If you can't read it, it says that a cougar was sighted May 1st) It freaked the kids out a little and they barely left my side. Jackson kept banging sticks together to scare off any he needed to that, the kids themselves are loud enough to scare off any animals. The whole trail, every little sound freaked them out and they KNEW for sure that it was a cougar.
The kids at the beginning of the trail. Those smiles didn't last long. We only made it part way around the trail before everyone was complaining so we had to turn around and come back the way we came instead of making the loop. The park is pretty but it's surrounded by grape vines and farm land, so we heard tractors the WHOLE time, which isn't a big deal, we're used to that and the trail was alright but it wasn't that interesting. The biggest draw was to see this really old tree but the kids wanted to quit before we could get to it on the trail so we ended up going back to the van and driving to a place where
we could view it from afar.
See the tall tree in the distance...fascinating isn't it???? haha

The day isn't waisted though, on our return, I stopped at the mailbox and what was in it????
MY BOOK! WOOT! WAHOO! YAHOO! YIPPY! BUT, for some reason the mail person SHOVED the box into the mailbox even though it doesn't fit so it was REALLY difficult to get it out, I had to have Jackson get his skinny arms in the mailbox and pull out the box. It was not easy and I thought I would have to cry or tear out the mail box. OBVIOUSLY, my mail person doesn't realize the seriousness of me not being able to get to my book. Luckily for my mail person, we're friends. haha Believe you me, she will hear from me!
Soooo I'm going to slip into my favorite drawstring flannel lounge pants and my favorite heathered t-shirt and enjoy my book. I'll see you guys on the other side!


Markie23 said...

Hmmm, I wonder if they got that cougar paranoia from their mother?

I'll be looking forward to a thorough book review... read fast!

Emily said...

What a fun Mom you are!! I'm loving hearing about your new adventures and I'm jealous that you have such easy access to some beautiful places!! Congrats on the new book. I'll be waiting for a review. Can't wait!