Thursday, May 15, 2008

yard work

Yesterday, I decided that I should work outside in the sunshine in hopes that it would help take my mind off of my caffeine free headache and to keep me from selling my children for a sip of caffeinated Diet Pepsi.

Since LM was working from home and wanted to avoid doing his work he joined me in the great backyard battle...we won! We're TOTALLY!

I mowed and an fyi, mowing uphill is hard work even for a self propelled lawnmower...I'm just saying. LM used the weed eater to cut down those blasted blackberry bushes that laugh and even mock the lawn mower.


Like I said...We're awesome! I even mowed the side yard and our neighbors yard. Yeah, I totally like to pat myself on the back...I can't help it if I'm awesome.

Sadly, this did not help distract me enough and I ended up sending Jackson to go get me a DP and I don't regret it.

Today's project is to clear out the dandelions out of my flower garden, it's that or I glue pretty flower peddles on them.


ajesplin said...

What's all that green stuff?

Amanda said...

Great job! Our yard looks like crap. I need to do that.

Emily said...

Good job! It always feels good when us females have accomplished yard work! You def. deserved that DP!

Markie23 said...

That's an amazing transformation! Enjoy your cold one!

Amy Thurston said...

Your grass looked like it was 2 feet high! You deserved 3 DP's!