Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Lovin

Bruisers in L-O-V-E!
Bruiser: hey baby, hows it goin?
Nakita: huh? do you hear something?

Bruiser: Take a picture of us.
Nakita: Anyone know who this rat belongs too?

Bruiser: I luuuuuv the smell of wet dog.
Nakita thinking: Maybe if I ignore him he'll leave me alone.

Bruiser: That's my sent your smellin'
Nikita: ...sigh...nope.

Nikita to her younger much larger sister: Help me!

Got to give him props for trying but really...he's waaaay out classed and waaaay over due for a manliness snip.

I'm my kids favorite mom!!!!

Ok, so I'm like there only Mom but I'm still there favorite.

So yesterday I FINALLY broke down and laid some cash down for a new pool...yeah that's right a new pool. And frankly, it's about time!

Look at the happy faces!

For $16.27 I became a favorite Mom...small price to pay. I also bought one of these babies.
And invited my most favorite dog in the whole world...Nakita or who we call Nakita Banana. She's the sweetest dog and so well behave except for the food begging but nobody is perfect. You might ask why Bruiser isn't my favorite...well truth this is between me and you, he doesn't know he's a dog...shhhhhh. I don't know what it would do to him if he ever found out.

Poor Bub, he got a bit of a sunburn yesterday and now has a tan line..haha what am I saying...he has less of a pasty white line.

I had to break the news to him that he will NEVER be tan and will FOREVER have to wear sunscreen.

Get used to it kid. Until there is a cure for pasty whiteness that doesn't cause skin cancer we will have to invest our money into 45 spf sunscreen for the rest of our lives.... hey it could be worse, you could be like your dad and spend 20 mins in the sun and have a nice golden tan for the rest of the year....oh might have my pasty white skin but at least you get your crankiness from your dad...oh wait....sorry kid.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Talk me out of it...or into it...I can't decide....

Sunday was a gorgeous day, so LM and I took a long walk around town and happened to pass a new home development. It actually isn't really new new because they started building last year but stopped because I'm guessing the economy "problem". Anyway, we started looking at the houses (which is one of my most favorite things to do, I LOVE looking at new homes) that are available to buy which got us talking about selling our house and buying something smaller with a better floor plan. We've talked about this on and off the past few years but have never come to a decision about it. Is it crazy to downsize to something smaller when our family and kids are still young??? Or even selling in this economy???

1.We could build and pick out colors, cabinets, flooring.
2.Have something smaller with better floor plan.
3.Have a usable backyard.
4.Have the chance of getting a bigger kitchen.
5.The gypsy in me would like a change. (I blame my gypsy parents for this one)

1.Have to spend a considerable amount of money replacing flooring and making repairs..UGH All flooring will have to be replaced except for kitchen and bathrooms.
2.We currently live across the street from our best friends.
3.We like our little neighborhood that has other big families.
4.No neighbors behind us.
5.We don't know where we would buy. We don't have any real attachment to our little town, I like it but LM doesn't care for it.

So, would you sell? We're obviously in no hurry since we've talked about this for a few years. Part of me thinks I'm crazy but the other part of me LOVES the idea of buying something that fits us better. UGH

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I did it!

Wahoo! I cleaned a room...I'm AWESOME!

This is the room as you enter.
To the left we have the girls computers and the most AWESOME puppet show curtain that my most AWESOME friend, Beth, made the kids a couple of years ago...because she's AWESOME!
To the right of the door we have Bub's play area that of course is mainly Beep Beeps.
Also we have Jacksons computer area but he's in charge of cleaning that up.
I had to add this picture of Bub cause he's so dang cute. He's using Sara's pink super girl watch as the Omnitrix from Ben 10. Though, he looks more like the Avatar. So you guys are in the know, Jackson is an Earth bender, Sara is Fire bender, Emily is Water bender and of course Bub is an Air bender.
We like our cartoons around here.