Sunday, June 1, 2008

I did it!

Wahoo! I cleaned a room...I'm AWESOME!

This is the room as you enter.
To the left we have the girls computers and the most AWESOME puppet show curtain that my most AWESOME friend, Beth, made the kids a couple of years ago...because she's AWESOME!
To the right of the door we have Bub's play area that of course is mainly Beep Beeps.
Also we have Jacksons computer area but he's in charge of cleaning that up.
I had to add this picture of Bub cause he's so dang cute. He's using Sara's pink super girl watch as the Omnitrix from Ben 10. Though, he looks more like the Avatar. So you guys are in the know, Jackson is an Earth bender, Sara is Fire bender, Emily is Water bender and of course Bub is an Air bender.
We like our cartoons around here.


sarastrasser said...

Good job!!! I ned you to come and do Teddy's room. It smells like a hamster's cage.

Amanda said...

You are AMAZING!!!!!

ajesplin said...

Ahhh, I love clean spaces. I think you need a few more computers, though.

nurseday said...

I noticed that Bub is very artistic. He adds such a decorative touch to your walls.

Sams says: when can we have a sleep over?!

Amy Thurston said...

It looks brand new!

We have many omnitrix around. A couple of real ones, but Howie has been known to use a jar lid or rubber band when he can't find his real ones.

Sephalo said...

You ARE so awesome!! I'm so proud of you! Great Job!