Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Lovin

Bruisers in L-O-V-E!
Bruiser: hey baby, hows it goin?
Nakita: huh? do you hear something?

Bruiser: Take a picture of us.
Nakita: Anyone know who this rat belongs too?

Bruiser: I luuuuuv the smell of wet dog.
Nakita thinking: Maybe if I ignore him he'll leave me alone.

Bruiser: That's my sent your smellin'
Nikita: ...sigh...nope.

Nikita to her younger much larger sister: Help me!

Got to give him props for trying but really...he's waaaay out classed and waaaay over due for a manliness snip.


Amanda said...

That is too funny. I would love to get into a dog's head to know what they are thinking.

Emily said...

That made me laugh! Thanks.

Ps. What did you decide on the house situation??

ajesplin said...

Cute couple. I can imagine the adorable puppies that will come from those two.

abutler said...

Did you know we have a "cousin" named after your dog Nakita? FUNNY!

Amy Thurston said...

I hope you are having fun on your vacation.

Emily said...

Just missin' ya.