Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Talk me out of it...or into it...I can't decide....

Sunday was a gorgeous day, so LM and I took a long walk around town and happened to pass a new home development. It actually isn't really new new because they started building last year but stopped because I'm guessing the economy "problem". Anyway, we started looking at the houses (which is one of my most favorite things to do, I LOVE looking at new homes) that are available to buy which got us talking about selling our house and buying something smaller with a better floor plan. We've talked about this on and off the past few years but have never come to a decision about it. Is it crazy to downsize to something smaller when our family and kids are still young??? Or even selling in this economy???

1.We could build and pick out colors, cabinets, flooring.
2.Have something smaller with better floor plan.
3.Have a usable backyard.
4.Have the chance of getting a bigger kitchen.
5.The gypsy in me would like a change. (I blame my gypsy parents for this one)

1.Have to spend a considerable amount of money replacing flooring and making repairs..UGH All flooring will have to be replaced except for kitchen and bathrooms.
2.We currently live across the street from our best friends.
3.We like our little neighborhood that has other big families.
4.No neighbors behind us.
5.We don't know where we would buy. We don't have any real attachment to our little town, I like it but LM doesn't care for it.

So, would you sell? We're obviously in no hurry since we've talked about this for a few years. Part of me thinks I'm crazy but the other part of me LOVES the idea of buying something that fits us better. UGH


Amanda said...

One of the best things we ever did was downsize. But that's not for everyone. I am sure that either way you went, it could be a very good thing. That wasn't much help was it?

sarastrasser said...

We put our house up for sale. If it sales GREAT and if it doesn't GREAT!! It has been up for sale for almost 2 months and no calls.

ajesplin said...

Oh, I would totally downsize (but only if it would put you in a better financial position than you are now). I hate cleaning. Plus, a good floor plan makes all the difference. What's the point of having a big house if the floor plan doesn't work for you? Just more to clean.

Amy Thurston said...

I would LOVE to downsize! The biggest mistake I ever made was to upsize. And a useable yard is always nice.

Emily said...

Last year, we downsized from almost 4000 s/f to 2500 and I really don't regret it. It's nice to not have so much space to clean. I do wish we had an extra bedroom though. Good luck! Let us know what you decide