Sunday, July 27, 2008

Smart Remarks and my not so smart remarks

Soooo, I guess I'm one of the few who actually read The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery, the very woman who wrote the Anne of Green Gable books...yeah...she's awesome, and out of the few who read, I actually enjoyed it. For some reason me likeing it when someone I know didn't care for it, makes all my old insecurities come out like the time when I permed my hair when everyone else was straigtening theirs or the time I straightened right after everyone permed, or the time when I finally got stirup pants but nobody else was wearing them...umm where was I? O the book yeah yeah

Ok so I did like it but I'm gonna start out with the things I didn't like, kind of like how the book is.
First, Who the heck are those people on the cover???? especially the guy??? what's up with that? Did they think a super skinny, unshaven, scrub wearing guy wasn't good enough for the cover?...whatever

Second, LM Montgomery IS Anne of Green Gables. Her writing is very flowery and sometimes feels a little tidious but that's just me. I like words, just when she describes plants this haze comes over my eyes until my eyes reach a new paragraph without flowers or plants.

Third, I don't like the name Barney...too purplish. I couldn't help but picture Barney the dinosaur.

Fourth, I don't like how they keep making a point to tell her that she's not pretty. I think she got it, who seriously needs to be told over and over that their not pretty? I would have caught on the first time someone said it to me.

What I liked about it, is that I saw myself in her. What's not to like??

Like Valancy I spent a lot of time in my head, talking to myself and in my imagination. In fact I still do spend a lot of time in my head, dreaming of my Blue Castle, especially on days when I reach my limit with the kids and want to disappear for a little while.

Through the book, while she's becoming more herself, her family thinks she's changed but what it really is, is her becoming herself. I personally don't share different aspects of myself with everyone, I think most people just see a side or two and I wonder if they saw the other sides if they would have the same reaction. Which makes me think of a recent incident. Every summer our community serves breakfast and lunch for all kids ages 1-18 for free at the school (it's what happens when you live in a very poor community) anyway, the same mothers with the same children come every year and it's like a big mom fest while the kids eat. Well this year, a mom who in the past had seemed very average, came in the lunch room the first day with her hair dyed, a ring in her nose a dog collar around her neck, black clothes with big black boots. The first thing I thought was "Is this her blue Castle?" is this who she really is but because of life, she wasn't able to be this person? The the second thought was " close your mouth stupid, she's looking at you".

I like the quietness and the sweetness of their life, though it is pretty leisure, I couldn't help but wonder what it would REALLY be like if he worked and she had kids....not so sweet and leisurely but this is a book so I try to enjoy it for what it is and not what's going to happen when they have kids. haha

I like the language, it's funny to read it while inserting today's meaning into the words...hahahahahaha You don't know what I mean go here, she has a couple of samplings.

I love happy endings...I have my moments where I don't mind a tragic end but I was glad to have a happy ending. It's an easy read, unless you don't like the character, I don't like naming names but JENNY didn't like her. pfft

That's all I got folks! All my deep thoughts in one blog post.

I know you guys don't know this but I'm REALLY excited about next months book club book even though it hasn't technically been decided on but I for once am going to put my foot down and say that it's this or...or...or ...well it has to be this!


ajesplin said...

I followed your link, only to find myself back at my blog. How queer.

OK, OK, I concede your point about Valancy. I might have been a bit hard on her. I didn't dislike her as much as it may have come across. And I like what you said about her finally being herself, though everyone kept insisting she had gone "queer."

Barney's name was bad, but he was a "gay" fellow, don't you agree? I'd tap that... I mean, (oh darn, my backspace is broken.)

Overall, I liked the book, and would recommend it, but not as much as The Ladies of Missalonghi. Have I mentioned that book yet? You should read it. Actually, I liked the heroin in TLOM better, and the hero in TBC better. (did you understand my abbr.?)

Just so we're clear, you're saying you DON'T want to read Breaking Dawn, right?

Amy Thurston said...

I think I enjoyed yours and Jenny's comments more than the book. Of course I only read yours and Jenny's comments so I might be a bit biased.
Are you going to come in October? Yes? Great, see you then!