Friday, August 1, 2008


Today I went to H's wedding.
This is H.
I won't show myself feeling VERY sorry for myself because her getting married made me feel sort of kind of OLD. H was our babysitter, I say was because for some reason she thought she should get a "REAL" job, whatever that means, instead of babysitting my rugrats a couple times a month. whatever! I was also her Laurels Advisor...sigh back when I was pregnant with Emily.

This is K, H's younger sister
I can't begin to tell you how much I like this girl! I really do, she's cute, funny, energetic and a really good story teller. She's babysat for me too but like H, she got a "real" job. sigh

This is E, she is H's youngest sister.
E is the biggest sweetheart in the world...she really is. I taught her in primary before she had braces, even before she was reading. NOW, she's 13 years old. WHAT THE FRICK! cry...sigh...cry some more. Does this mean I'm getting old because I don't think I am...

This is A, the only male child and believe you me, he deserves to be called a man for living with a house full of strong woman.
This picture does not do him justice, he's sooo adorable and a big sweetheart. He's leaving on his mission on Tuesday. And this is his sweet girlfriend....

I don't know why I'm putting them on my blog except that I felt so honored to be invited, it was a smallish wedding with mostly family. My absolutely most favorite part of the whole wedding was when the Bishop was saying " Do you S take H blah blah blah blah" because the whole time S was nodding his head like he just couldn't wait to say " I do." It was so cute and makes me soooo happy for H that she found someone that loves her so much that he can't wait to say "I do".

Anyway, seeing this beautiful woman get married to her sweetheart made me think of commitment and relationships. For those who don't know, I'm somewhat of a really big commitment-phobic. I always have been but there has been something that I've been thinking about recommiting too buuuuuut, I just didn't know if the time was right but watching these two really set it for me that nows the time.

BANGS. I'm not sure how I feel about them yet. I think i should have kept more layers in the back instead of the bob but luckily my hair grows at a freakishly quick rate.


ajesplin said...

Ooo, it looks cute! I have so much breakage in the front, I almost cut bangs the other day but I backed out at the last minute. I'm a playa.

(If you were really serious about your bangs, you would curl them and tease them a little and use lots of hairspray.)

Amy Thurston said...

You should split them and curl half of them up and half of them down. That's how I used to do it, which is also the reason I don't have bangs. I love how a wedding makes you really think deep about....cutting bangs. You looks great btw.

abutler said...

That last part is so funny because I was actually going to do a post on my new bangs. Love it!