Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DMV and memories

Last week while I was checking out at Old Navy, the cute as a button 16 year old checkout girl informed me that my drivers license was expired. I faked surprise, though I'm pretty sure I didn't convince her of my ignorance...I'm not a good liar. My license expired in May but it wasn't until June that I realized that I missed the date and since it's me, I put it off even longer because I suffer from this thing called procrastination. Sadly, it pretty much effects everyone I'm in contact with...or not in contact with. Sorry Amy. Well today I FINALLY decided that I probably shouldn't keep driving with an expired license especially since I'm such an awful liar that if I ever get pulled over I wouldn't be able to talk my way out of a ticket or what ever happens to people who drive with an expired license. Hmm I should have checked that out, maybe it would have motivated me to get it done sooner. Oh well. If I had known that it would have taken me less than a half hour I wouldn't have put off for so long...or maybe not. Though I kind have wished I would have put it off a couple more days only because I woke up with 2 zits on my face so for the next 8 years I'm gonna have proof that on August 26, 2008 I had 2 big zits on my face.

Anyway, while I was waiting for my number to be called I noticed this cute girl who was all smiles and could barely sit in her chair. She had just come in from taking the driving test and had passed with flying colors. She was glowing and her mother started asking her how she was going to pay for her insurance. Seriously, what a downer, her mother couldn't wait a day to bring that up??? Anyway,as always, I started thinking (this happens alot, I'm a big time thinker) about when I first got my drivers permit. So then I thought that maybe I would share it with you. Your welcome...to skip it. It's really for my own amusement.

I'm calling this story THE SECOND BEST DAY

The second best day of any teenagers life (or just mine) is the day you go and get your drivers permit. The first best day being the day I actually got my drivers license. Because of the kiss/lick experience, driving had to be at the top of the list. I had been counting down the days till I could have the 2nd best day of my teenage life. The days seem to drag on and on the closer the time got. In our little school, we didn't have drivers ed, instead we read the states driver's manual then took the written test in either Caliente or Pioche. Neither of these towns had a DMV but once a month 2 drivers test people would come to town, if I remember correctly, it was one day in Caliente and 1 day in Pioche.

Now being a teenager, I didn't give much thought to the fact that I would actually NEED to read this book. I mean, how many driving rules could there be? It wasn't until I heard that someone had flunked the written test, did I start to worry. This of course was the day before the big test. Luckily, my best friend Krysten, let me borrow her book which happened to be the first time I realized that there's a lot of driving rules. I wouldn't normally know this because our little town consisted of some stop signs and a blinking light in front of the post office/volunteer fire department building. It was also then that I realized that maybe I should have spent some time actually reading this book, I'm blaming my ignornace on being a teenager if that's ok.

Now because I lived in a small town, EVERYONE knew I was going to go take the test for my permit. Older more experience teens would give me all kinds of advice and warnings.

Warning 1: Pray you don't get the green folder. When you go take the test, you are handed a colored folder and each folder consists of a slightly different test. It was known throughout the school that you DON'T want the green folder, it's supposed to be the hardest.

Warning 2: The driver test people aren't friendly, don't upset them. Now I'm sure this had something to do with the fact that they were stuck in small town Nevada for 2 days giving driving tests to kids that have been driving since there legs were long enought to touch the peddles, this is a big time farming community.

Warning 3: You miss more than 15 and you flunk!

The day came, November 22, 1989. Mom picked me up from school at 9 AM so I could study for a little bit before taking the test. At 10AM Cathe, Mom and I drove to Pioche to the courthouse, which is where I had to take the test. I walked into the small court room, gave my information to one of the drivers test people. Neither smiled. Next to the male driver test person was a stack of folders. I saw the infamous green folder, but gave a sigh of relief that it wasn't the top folder. I was positive that he would just pick up the next folder and hand it to me. The man picked up the stack and kind of flipped through them and pulled out THE green folder! I'm quite sure he could smell my fear as he handed me the folder. I thought I might have even seen a bit of a smirk on his face. How did he know??? I could feel my forehad getting sweaty and the fact that I was taking a test, any test made my pits sweaty.

I grabbed the folder walked to the chairs that were designated as the "Test Seating". Because it was a court room, the seats were actually in the jurors stand. I sat down and tried not to cry. I was so afraid of what people would think if I flunked my test because it would be impossible to keep it a secret. I had left telling all my friends where I was going and all the High School office staff had wished me luck before leaving. The pressure not to humilate myself and the fact that I was now holding the infamous green folder was almost too much for me.

I opened the folder, read the first question..."YAY, I know this one, I know this one!" I whispered to myself. I was now positive that the infamous green folder was just someone's cruel joke. As I went from one question to the next, they seemed to get harder and my ability to understand the questions was becoming more difficult. "Oh no no no no! Please don't let me flunk!" My pits were gushing, I'm sure anyone who looked at me could see the fear and anxiety in my face. I tried to calm myself as much as possible. Finally, I finished the test. I slammed the folder closed while cursing it all the way back to the mean looking driver test giver.

He grabbed the folder from, I asked if I should sit down while he grades it, it was actually more of a plea but he told me to stay where I was and that he would mark it right there. I tried to keep up with the little red marks but he was grading so quickly that I couldn't keep up. Finally I had to turn my head, I couldn't face the man that was about to flunk me. I kept chanting to myself "please don't fail, please don't fail, please don't fail". I looked back just as his head was lifting. he looked at me, smirked and said "You missed 15, you passed."

The joy i felt was more than I could contain. I think I was more happy that I passed so I wouldn't have to tell people I flunked then the fact that I was now able to drive with an adult in the vehicle.

Mom let me drive our little stick shift Hyundai back to the school. The office staff were there to congratulate me and Mr Bleak, the principle was kind enough to tease me about the safety of Panaca roads now that I was driving. The secretary sent me off to class but not before Mr. Bleak got over the intercom to announce to my class that I had passed my drivers permit test. I was embarrassed to have all this attention but not even that could keep me from my driving high. I had to show everyone my new permit, unfortunately, I didn't think about the fact that I would be having my picture taken so the picture...well, it wasn't cute. After class I found my friends who helped me truly rejoice in the fact that I was now legally able to drive.


Emily said...

You sure know how to tell a story! It's hard to top the feeling you get when you have that drivers license in your hand!!

ajesplin said...

I remember thinking that it was so cool to have people see me holding car keys. The keys were never hidden in my pocket. I would stand in the hall and "casually" swing my enormous key chain around my finger so everyone could see I was driving.

Amanda said...

So you got proof of your two zits on your license...
I got proof that I am ugly on mine. Unfortunately, I look like that every day. Oh well.

Memzy said...

I'm just glad I've been able to renew my license through the mail for all these years so that my weight still claims I am sorta skinny. Sorta.

They might not believe it's me since I look like a teenager tho.