Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm never ever ever ever EVER taking Sara clothes shopping again...EVER! ...ugh

Today, I thought it would be fun for me to take the girls to lunch and then clothes shopping. Who doesn't like clothes shopping? You know...besides me? Well...I found out Sara doesn't. She likes it in theory but when we're actually in the store looking at clothes in her size that I think she might like, I get no response. I think giving myself a root canal would have been easier than to get her to pick out clothes that she likes. Our conversation the whole 3 hours:

me: What do you think of this
Sara: (blank stare)...(looks at shirt)...(looks at me)...(kind of gives me a smirk)...(walks away)
me: is that a yes or a no?
Sara: (blank stare)
me: so no?

repeat for 3 hours

Me and Emily:

The first store we went to didn't have anything in her size. I told her this while walking in and as you will see...:

Me: (making choking motions behind Sara's back)
Emily: Mom..Mom...Mom
Me: what Emily (cause if I don't say her name she won't believe that I'm talking to her)
Emily: Mom...Mom...Mom
Me: what Emily (cause she still doesn't believe that I'm paying attention to her)
Emily: Does this fit me?
Me: No honey, remember I said that this story doesn't have your size?
Emily: So does this fit me?
Me: no
Emily: (picking up shirt right next to the first) Does this fit me?
Me: no, nothing in this story is going to fit you.
Emily: so this doesn't fit me?
Me: no
Emily: (picking up pants that were next to the shirts) Does this fit me?
Me: no honey, remember I just said that NOTHING in this store is going to fit you but don't worry the next store will have clothes for you.
Emily: so does this fit me?
Me: (hearing the crack of my last nerve breaking) NO! (said a little too loud which made the other mothers a little bit uncomfortable)
Emily: (picking up a skirt) Does this fit me?
Me: (wondering how much trouble I'd be in if I just "accidentally" left her at the store)

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE my girls, I truly do but no way am I doing this again. I wonder what age is a good age to just give them money and let them torture themselves while picking out clothes.

Sadly, me telling LM about Sara not liking clothe shopping made him very happy. His plan to geekify her is working...soon...she'll be lost to the geek side forever.


abutler said...

Your conversation with Emily sounds like many a conversation I have had with Blythe. Unfortunatly I am a sucker for clothes shopping. One of my many weekness

Amanda said...

That is so funny! At least you had something entertaining to write about and for us to enjoy.

Katie or Tom said...

I had a really hard time paying attention because you forgot to say my name at the beginning.

ajesplin said...

Hilarious! Gus actually likes to go clothes shopping--he's really into what he wears. I usually just take him and leave the other boys home (including Anthony).