Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have this "friend" who put her big fat foot in her mouth last night while at dinner for her brothers 40th birthday and this "friend" still has the icky feeling in the pit of her stomach and keeps reliving the moment over and over in her head. This "friend" also wishes that her mouth had a back space button. I'm just saying....

So last night, my brother...oh I mean HER brother was reading a card from her Mother that said something mooshy about how happy she is to have him here. (Back story: he was diagnosed with lymphoma about 4 years ago and wasn't expected to live this long but thankfully he has.) And she said in a somewhat flippant voice "Hope to see you next year." then laughed. Then a microsecond later realized what I said..Oh I mean what SHE said and wanted to hide under her chair. It's one of those moments that you relive over and over and it never gets better. My mouth needs an edit button! I mean I really do hope to see him next year and the year after that and the year after that, I love him and hope he does live a long life and I do take his cancer and his life serious but I think my discomfort with serious stuff makes me say inapporpriate things and then I come on my blog and tell everyone what I say..OH I mean what SHE says *nervous laugh*. sigh


Memzy said...

1. I just broke wind. <--thought that would cheer you up. We all wish many parts of our bodies had backspace buttons.

2. I also have discomfort with serious stuff and don't know how to deal/say the right things. My dad has ALS and is dying soooo....I get that. Don't be too hard on yourself. Deal with it the best you can.

3. Next time really DO hid under your chair. Or say something like, "Did I just say that outloud or in my head?"

Or break wind.

Amy Thurston said...

I have done things like this TOO many times. (So has Sara, for that matter.) Her and I are always debating which one of us is worse. But because I am always saying the wrong thing, I am alot more forgiving when someone else might say the wrong thing to me. I guess I am not too much unlike St. Jenny.
I am sure your "friends" brother knows that you really do hope to see him next year. That doesn't sound so wrong. I hope to see You next year. Just keep your wind in your pants though, K.

ajesplin said...

Your friend sounds like a jerk!

But seriously, once I was visiting with a group of acquaintances, and we start talking about pediatricians, and I ask this one mother, "who's your pediatrician?" and she doesn't answer me and the conversation continues, but I really did want to know who her doc was because mine had just retired so I asked her again, and once again she didn't answer. There was an awkward shift in the air but I just though maybe she couldn't hear me or something, so I practically yelled, "Hey, who's your pediatrician?" and finally she turns to me and says, "My son recently died."

What do I say after that? I wanted the ground to swallow me up. And all the other mother's knew and were trying to shut me up but I didn't get their silent messages.

Now who's the jerk?

Katie or Tom said...

I have a good one. I was driving my employee to his appointment with a customer. He was 2 hours late and trying to think of a good excuse. I told him to tell them that his mom had just died. I said, "I've been using that one a lot lately." Uncomfortable!
Oh, and yesterday Tom came home and said he had told this lady that he sometimes wished he could kill his kids (something about coloring all over the house) then he remembered this lady's son had been killed in a car accident. Yikes!

Amanda said...

It didn't sound that bad. I am sure your "friend" is just fine! What was everyone's reaction after she said it by the way?

Markie23 said...

Your friend makes me laugh!

Markie23 said...

Oh, also... I CAN'T BELIEVE your friend's brother is 40!!! I hope to see him next year too. Maybe in Idaho in the spring?!

Cristin said...

memzy, breaking wind always cheers me up, especially when it's not me, though there are times that i do enjoy it...just trying to keep it real.

Well, I'm soooo glad it's not only me that makes these kinds of verbal trips and I'm really glad I didn't pull a Jenny...sorry Jenny.

Amanda, I actually was concentrated on what I had said, i wasn't paying attention to what everyone else was doing but it did seem a little quiet.

I can't believe my bro is 40 either, mainly because it makes me older too though thankfully not as old as him! hahahahahahaha