Thursday, September 4, 2008

Art Shmart

Can I just tell you how sick I am of "artwork" on my walls. I think Katie had posted about this on her blog too.

This is the fresh new artwork.
And here's the little punk who's trying to give me his saddest look in hopes I'd feel bad for swatting his butt. It didn't work.
This is the second time he's drawn on this wall, the first time was 3 days after I finished painting it. I still have not forgiven him. Luckily, I still have a gallon of this paint left for just these kinds of issues. I'm smart like that.

This one was Jacksons masterpiece. He did this a month after we moved in about 8 years ago. While I was nursing Sara, he found some finger paint and managed to leave evidence on the walls, the floor and had a trail going down the hallway and stairs. The hallway and stairs evidence has been worn down but we still have a large blue circle on the floor. Even though I was so mad, I now don't dare paint over has Jacksons 3 year old hand's kind of cute now.
I still can't get Sara to stop drawing on the walls. I don't know what to do about her. She has drawn satanic looking pictures at the top of the stairs, I was able to clean those off and now she pretty much keeps her artwork to her bedroom door and walls.
This one was Emily's. She was kind enough to use my brand new expensive scrapbooking markers.

WHY? Why did I have kids????


Amy Thurston said...

I think the question isn't, "why did I have kids?" It should be "Why do I continue to waste my time painting walls?"
One night I followed Ella's marker trail into the boys room, where they were sound asleep. She had not only covered their walls with her red marker, but also their faces. And they stayed asleep while she colored them. Calvin's was only half colored, because he was sleeping on his side.
You should just hang frames everywhere they colored, and act like you want it to be your decorations.

Amanda said...

You should channel those talents in an art class! That is too funny.

Landeelu said...

To quote my wise hubby "We had a choice, honey... we could either have nice things, or have kids. We chose kids." Close quote.

This was after JBird got grease paint on my yellow couch. Who paints kids' faces at a party with GREASE paint?? Who????

But yeah, I LOVE the frame idea.

ajesplin said...

Is that Mark's name on that first picture? Did he do that?

For some reason, Gus was my only kid that really had a problem with this. He STILL does it sometimes and he's 7. One time, I asked Anthony to close the blinds and he turned them the opposite way than I normally turn them. Lo and behold, Gus had scrawled his name on the backside of the blinds.

And I LOVE Gty's quote. I'm gonna use that in my next sacrament meeting talk.

Memzy said...

Gty is a genius. Fer super duh. Just make sure to use his name when you quote him J. I have not had a problem with kid's drawing on walls. ::crossing fingers and toes and arms and knocking on woods:: I am loving the frame idea. And I'm still giggling a little about Ella coloring her brothers.

Carrie Elmore said...

When you get tired of them you know where you can send them. :) I'm thinking just get blackboard paint and a ton of chalk :) I can pick it up on my way home. Love you Cristin.