Saturday, September 27, 2008

Can you guess

what me and Jackson did today????

These groovy things are pretty spectacular...I wouldn't want anyone to get jealous. I actually had to bribe Jackson with a watered down 32 oz. Diet pepsi so I could take a picture and share with you the awesomeness of us in these shades! Ours eyes are so dialated that's it's kind of eery to look at us without our shades.

I think I might have mentioned this but I am THE WORST MOM in the whole entire world!!!! We have almost exactly the same prescription...I feel so bad! I suck!!! who knows how long he's gone without seeing very well. All of a sudden all the little things that he's done are now coming together...which makes me not only a bad mom but clueless. BUT at least he's going to look uber cute in his new glasses! I had to talk him down from a certain military type glasses...thank goodness he listened! OOOOOh I also found out that they STILL sale those large groovy glasses from the early 80's. I think Becky has a pair of those. haha I guess they're waiting for them to come back in style. ::crossing fingers::


Landee said...

Oh man... I was going to guess that you two went and saw a 3D movie.

My cousin-in-law once told a story about how she got her kid new shoes and he was like "Yes! Now my feet aren't going to hurt anymore!" So yeah.

Amy Thurston said...

My friends son once said, "Mom, can you see out of both your eyes?"
I was going to guess 3D also. Where's the shot of the pupils?

ajesplin said...

When do we get to see the new glasses?

Cord once threw a penny into a fountain and wished aloud for a pair of socks without holes in them.

abutler said...

What a fun Mom & Son date. Can't wait to see the after pic.

Memzy said...

I was giving Brains the evil eye in the store once when he wasn't listening to me and started walking toward him with a "mom face" and he cowered away and covered his face. Yeeeeeah.

Cristin said...

awww it kind of makes me feel better when I hear other not positive parenting stories.

We should have our glasses next week so you'll have to sit on the edge of your seats till then.

Markie23 said...

I really wanted to see the dilated pupils so I could look for evidence of a glowing ring.