Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dayton Harvest Festival

You guys missed a knee slapping good ol' time yesterday. But lucky for you I took pictures.

Actually, too be honest, I really didn't want to go but Sara, saw the flier and there are signs everywhere so she was anxiously awaiting for the BIG day, I hoped she would forget but then yesterday morning while driving her to a girls activity we passed the park and I knew my hopes of escaping the "fun" were ruined.

Sadly, we missed the parade but really what's a parade without a marching band...?

When we stepped out the front door I heard it...this sound...coming from the park. Our house is only a few blocks away from the park where the festival was taking place. It kind of sounded like a woman singing Indian know from India but as we got closer it was just an ok singer ruining a country music song that I actually liked. Oh well soon after she got off stage these fellars took over to rock the house.
They're called the Country Gents or something with Gent in it or something like that. Anyway, I knew when they mentioned Merle Haggard, that we were in for a treat. They didn't disappoint...unless you don't like twangy country music...which I don't. I do admit, they were good but good golly, does there have to be so much twang???? seriously??? I really need to know. The funnest part was the "mature" single/widowed/divorced women sitting on the hay bales in front of the band. The woman in the white pants was dancing, I didn't get a picture of the other side where there were several more women. Seeing this sight gave me the giggles.. still does.

The kids played in the jump house and the 2 other blow up type thingies. The kids had a blast on those but Hyrum was getting mildly obsessed and started hurting other kids to get on so I had to have LM take him home, but not before getting some cute shots of him and Jackson. I can't tell you how much I love seeing my big boy play with my baby boy, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
After a few hours of fun, we got hawaiin shaved ice and cotton candy for our walk home. YUM

Oh I almost forgot. Remember burning your legs on these babies??? Nothing like an ancient metal slide to burn the skin off your legs.

I think this slide is as old as the park. We also have one of these. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAH! Don't be jealous.

When we were little, we would have Cooper Family picnics near grandma and grandpas gas station in American Fork. All the grand kids would pile onto one of these and beg Uncle Mark to turn it as fast as he could then when he did, he would walk away laughing while we screamed for for him to stop cause someone would need to barf..not me but someone...seriously...NOT ME ...sigh...good times.


Erin Beck said...

Sooooo, your saying you didnt like my singing performance??

Memzy said...

Bouncy units are so saweet. I want one in my backyard.

ajesplin said...

Looked pretty crowded. But maybe they should have handed out a few more fliers? And someone who can make Country music sound like Indian music... that's talent.

Landee said...

It's like you live in Anytown, USA. So quaint and cute!

::googling "the Country Gents or something with Gent in it or something like that"::

It's coming up with nothin'.

Amy Thurston said...

It is nice that you live so close to the festivities. Nothing puts a damper on good times like trying to find a parking spot. I am sure it was packed too, especially if they were serving tropical snow!

Markie23 said...

I'm sure Uncle Mark would never do anything like that! Maybe your thinking of Uncle Dan?

Emily said...

How fun for everyone!!

Landee said...

Are you too busy emailing to do a post? We need an update.