Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday

CHAD!!! FYI Your OOOOOOOOOOOLD!!!! your welcome.

It's not only Chadwicks big 40th birthday but also Jacksons first day of Middle School. I'm having a bit of an anxiety attack. I'm soooooooooooooo nervous for him and I'm not going to be ok until I see him around 3:15 this afternoon. Call me over protective but...well just call me over protective. Luckily, he's not nearly as nervous as I am.

Here's my baby with his very bright florescent backpack that I tried to talk him out of.
Sara doesn't start school until tomorrow, this year she got into a virtual academy it's like public school at home kind of thing. I'm excited, especially since she's such a smarty that teaching her is kind of fun. Poor poor Emily, doesn't turn 5 until October so has to wait another WHOLE year before starting Kindergarten.


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Chad!

I know how you are feeling sending your oldest off to middle school! It's crazy and scary. Deep breaths. He will do great!

ajesplin said...

40, huh? Isn't the same birthday your mean friend's brother just had? I'm already freaking out about middle school and my oldest still has one more year in elementary. Let us know how it goes. And missing the all powerful Cut-Off Date really sucks. Won't happen to me cuz I refuse to have a baby after the Cut-Off Date.

katie or tom said...

Happy Birthday Chad!
I had the same problem with an October birthday, but Hazel is the smartest in her class. Maybe the extra learning time and pride that comes with it is worth the sacrifice of having to wait a whole year. I learned my lesson with Thomas...I squeezed him out 3 weeks early to avoid problems.

Memzy said...

she's smart^^

40 is awesome.

Larry is bitter?

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to those guys!
Well, he wont be getting hit by a bus wearing that backpack.

Landeelu said...

I hadn't read your "foot in mouth" post before I wrote mine... great minds think alike!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does stuff like that! Oh, and neon is back in? Score! Neon green makes my skin look awesome.