Sunday, September 28, 2008

Smart Remarks and THE HOST

So first I have to admit that I did not re-read this book...but only because my neighbor is still borrowing it and is probably having a difficult time getting past the dessert scene which wouldn't be a problem if it didn't take half the book for Wanda to find the REAL people. Anyway, I thought I'd just give myself a free pass and recycle my old review of the know since I'm an Oregonian now and recycling is big around here but then I thought "No, I'll review it again since I'm sure I can think of more things to say." But just in case you want to read what I first though,t here it is. And here is what I think after I've had some time to ponder and forget.

I'll start with the negatives:

Wanda...what the heck is with Stephenie and names...sorry to anyone named Wanda, including my former hairdresser. I like you not your name...sorry. I would have taken Der or ERER over Wanda.

Does the DESERT (thanks for correcting me SARA...sigh) scene really have to be that long? REALLY? There were several parts that I thought could be taken out and I really like the DESERT.

Actually, there are several areas in the book that she could have cut back on and it wouldn't have hurt it one bit, I'm sure I don't have to go into detail since if you read it, you know what I'm talking about. I can see why she had written it, at least for herself to get herself really into the story but cutting out parts wouldn't be like how parts of movies are cut out when they are put on tv....not the same.

What I like:

Melanies memories, like how she met Jamie??? Is it Jamie??? crap I can't remember her boyfriends name but you know who I mean...if you read it. *Thanks Landee for correcting me, this was just actually a test to see if YOU remember his name...yeah that's it, it was a test! ::nervous laugh:: *

I LOVE the cave in an 8 year old sort of way. I could totally see myself thinking it would be the coolest thing to live in a cave but my adult self is like...umm I really need privacy, shower, real toilets and the ability to go outside during the day. BUT I did really enjoy thinking of my younger self living there.

I liked hearing about the other planets...maybe just not as in much detail but I thought it gave good insight into the aliens and a reality to the story.

I like how she ends her stories all warm and fuzzy and the prospect of going further. I even like the body that Wanda goes into at the end...a small weakling body almost seemed fitting for her.

It's Stephenies book and I really like Steph's writing, I find it enjoyable even if she doesn't use a thesaurus often enough. She's a good story teller and I can't wait for more books.


Landee said...

Her BF's name was JARED! And it burned when he touched her. And I agree, Derer is a MUCH better name than Wanda... but my book crush Uncle Jeb named her and it's his house, his rules, ya know.

You LIKED that body at the end? It did seem fitting I suppose, but I would have been all kinds of ticked off if that were me.

Cristin said...

Oops my bad. I can't believe I forgot. I'm so ashamed...

I guess I didn't really LIKE it but I thought it fit her since she's more of a lover then a fighter, ya know?

I like Jeb too, he sort of reminds me of LM but only sort of...LM just aspires to be like Jeb.

Landee said...

PS You and I are the only ones on the ball. How are we in a book club with such a bunch of slackers???

Cristin said...

...sigh I guess we're the only awesome ones...or the only one's not at church right now...or have a life.

Landee said...

Our building had a gas leak today so we got to get out early!

I mean, it was sad.

Memzy said...

Yeah, why weren't you gize at church and stuff?

I posted a post of the book poster.

See, the desert + a cave= no happy Memzy. I need me some real food and diet coke.


Amy Thurston said...

Yes, I went to church. ::shining my halo::
I thought the book club was tonight. But I went to finalize a few things, and saw the two of you jumped the gun. I went ahead and posted, so I could read yours.
I liked the end too, but not the body for Wanda. Jeb made me think of an old man. So if LM aspires to be old, then I can see the likeness.
It wasn't a book I could have read twice.

Amanda said...

Yeah, I had no desire to read the book over again for the book club. Once was enjoyable mostly, twice, no thanks. Except I thought the ending was really good.

Markie23 said...

Is it common for girls skin to burn when the guy they like touches them?? Just curious.

Amy Thurston said...

Tingly maybe, burn no.

sarastrasser said...

The DESSERT scene?!!!! I didn't read the book but I am going to now!!! I hope it involves whip cream and Steve from 90210!!

Cristin said...

::BIG SIGH!!!!:: I thought Amy was the spelling police???? Taking over her job are ya????

ajesplin said...

I would have called her St. Wanda since she was so peaceful except for she murdered entire species. Yeah, I'm real hung up on that. It makes me keen. And grimace. And flinch.

And hey you two self-righteous book clubbers up there, I believe you gize already read the book which is why you picked it and some of us had to read it at the very last minute before we could post our reviews. You gize are so Wanda.

Landee said...

That is why WE picked it?? I believe I gave several awesome choices. You picked it because you have an unhealthy crush on Cristin's BFF Stephenie.

I guarantee no desert scenes in Princess Academy. Or mass-murders.

ajesplin said...


Katie said...

I wish I could read this post, but I can't so I am going to leave a comment about not being able to read this.