Monday, November 3, 2008


HA GOTCHYA! I'm not really continuing hahahaha I'm so sneaky...almost as sneaky as Jenny and her no halloween blog post. I had big plans of continuing but call me lazy...or busy, it didn't happen, plus the other 5 rock with their blog posts that it even made me jealous of the trip and I was there....well you know....except for the observation deck of the Seattle Space Needle but really people, how was I suppose to go out there when I could feel the building move???? I'm pretty sure that if I stayed out there the wind would have TOTALY blown me off the building...and that is a FACT!

So anyway, instead of continuing I thought I'd share pictures from Sara's Princess Derby. That's right boy scouts, move over 'cause the girls are in the house...or the church gym...whatever.

Sara's Car
She had a blast designing and painting her car.

Wanna know what cars at a Princess Derby look like????
Pink...very very very pink.

Here's Sara, nervously awaiting the big race.
She's the one in the pink skirt.

Her first race
She lost...boy did she lose. I guess that's what happens when you design your car to look like a minivan....

Her car never won, even when they were goofing off after the derby. Though she did come in 2nd place when she raced her 2 friends but she was so sad that 1 of her friends lost that she said that she wished her car would have come in last so it wouldn't make her friend feel bad. Have I told you how much I love this girl???? She ROCKS!!!!

P.S. when you decide to finally put up a post make sure it's under your own blog and not SMART REMARKS. I'm just saying....I'm retarded....


Markie23 said...

I posted my whole Burn-Z post on Smart Remarks yesterday Cristin, and quickly deleted it before everyone realized what a 'tard I was.
What? You already knew? Drat.

Landee said...

A Princess Derby!!! what a brilliant idea! If I ever get put into Acheivement Dayz I'm soooo doing that. Sara is adorable... and nice. The latter one being the important one, of course.

Jenny ESP said...

Man, I hate pinewood derby. And now they're making girls do it?

Sara's so cute, and all those pink cars make me laugh.

Cristin said...

OOO Markie, I feel so much better that I'm not the only one who did that. haha

Jenny, MAKING girls do it???? ummm, don't you mean GET to??? I would have LOVED to make a derby car and race it. Luckily the Girls Achievement Leaders are AWESOME and someone from our ward, made this super duper awesome track...I mean it's NIIIIIIICE!!!!!!! I think we should do some kind of family derby, now that would be fun!

Mary said...

I was just called to be the achievement day leader and I'm going to give that Princess Derby a try. Thanks for the idea!