Friday, December 12, 2008

sickness and other uninteresting things

I'm sick.

It's called Icantdecorateworthcrap. It's pretty serious, it causes our house to never look like we really live there and all the holidays look like this:

instead of this.

Ok, I really don't want to look like this but I love this picture and I love that house because how "colorful" it is every Christmas. On a pointless side note, an old couple live here, I mean REALLY old. A couple of years ago, I past this house one December day and saw the couple outside, the old man was standing on the ladder while the old woman was holding it. It was adorable and scary all at the same time. Is it wrong that I'm not more politically correct and called them old man and old woman???

Anyway, back to my sickness. It actually really isn't a sickness, I know this is shocking, it's more of a fear of decorating badly. It's been exaggerated by the fact that I'm needing to replace my flooring, I'm wanting a reddish laminate flooring...not red but brownish/redish. I was starting to stress about it but thankfully, or unthankfully, It's on hold. We're gonna have to deal with our current flooring for a little while longer...or until Larry has a permanent job. It's giving me a reprieve from stressing about it so I can spend more time wringing my hands, pacing the floor, stress eating about money, jobs, kids and other life stresses.

On a positive note, I'm pretty close to being done with my Christmas shopping, I went grocery shopping this week, it was getting kind of scary around here because we had gone 4 days without peanut butter. I bought a new microwave. between no microwave and no peanut kind of felt like the Hunger Games. Thankfully we are all still alive. I got the Christmas decorations out, I've been getting Christmas cards...WOOHOO and thank you to those who sent us cards!!! By the way, you probably won't be getting one from us...sorry...Merry Christmas. To top off this week I fell in love with puff paint all over again!!!! Thanks Memzy!!!!

I'm super bummed that I missed Smart Remarks, I was all set right up to 5 minutes before it started then got pulled away for some very important business. It was totally bogus and un fun making but it's settled.

But for a super short version of my opinion about The Uglies, I liked it sort, if it had less of "You should be ashamed of yourself for being a consumer, not recycling more, using natural resources, driving cars, and other such crap"I would have liked it a lot more. It's just annoying. BUT besides that I like it, I don't like Shay...she's annoying and now that I'm reading pretties, she's even more annoying. Sara is now reading Uglies and LOVES it, she can't wait to read the next book, which means I need to finish it pretty soon.

I'm also making a new goal to update more but it may mean that my blog will be pretty bogus.


nurseday said...

Cristin, less is more. Aren't you exhausted just looking at that house. I am glad I am not the one taking those lights down. When I see all of inflatable christmas decorations in our neighborhood I can't help but wonder if there is a planned parade that I don't know about.
Your one can accuse you of being wasteful. I say use it until the threads run bare. Who knows you may even miss it when it's gone. It wil be like throwing away memories. You won't be able to say, "That stain was from the time that Jackson...."
See you at the rockin' partay tonite!

Memzy said...

It's true you are bing so Un-Rusty like in your waiting to get new flooring right? I miss you around here but glad to hear you are alive and stuff.

Puff Paint rules!!!

Katie said...

Did you JUST get a microwave? That was so long ago that you blogged about it being broken. I can't imagine. ::shuddering::

Mary said...

Missed you. Glad you decided to do a blog entry instead of decorate...wise prioritizing!

Jenny ESP said...

Your last sentence gives me hope! And your house looks like a mansion from the outside. I would drive by and look at it with or without decorations.

PS. You were SO missed at that discussion. Every time I refreshed the comments, I searched desperately for your name. Srsly unfun-making of you.

Hot Pants said...

I couldn't find the ornaments for the tree, then found them, but tried to pretend like I still couldn't find them because I didn't want to have to take them down and put them away after Christmas. That's how much I don't like to decorate. I say a microwave takes presidence over flooring, so good choice. I wish I had the chance to enjoy puff paint...... ::taking more ibuprofen and diet coke memzy::

Emily said...

Christmas decorations are overrated IMO. Your house is gorgeous. I love it. Please keep the post coming cuz I miss you when you are away.

Markie23 said...

So glad you're back!

Annie said...

Is that your house? That is a really cool looking house. I think you should decorate for Halloween it could be the coolest Haunted Mansion.