Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This morning, while sitting at my computer going over Sara's lesson plan, one of my kids yells "it's snowing!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the....??? Just yesterday I was driving my van with the window down...ok it's because it stinks but I didn't freeze to death when I did it. Then a microsecond after I realized it was snowing, I freaked because I don't have my month supply of Diet Pepsi...yeah I didn't learn my lesson...bad Cristin.

I check on Yahoo weather to see what it's suppose to be today and it just says freezing rain and then this afternoon, just rain. hmmm so this is what freezing rain looks like.... hmm....

yup...it's snowing and even sticking a little bit. This is some crazy weather! We don't usually get snow and if we do it's 1 day and it doesn't stick, it's more like really thick rain.

Anyway, can you guess who chose fashion before function?

this girl

Monday, January 26, 2009

My therapist called me

You know my sister? Well she asked me how I was doing since I left things hanging on a very annoying tone. Good news, I'm feeling better and my kids are still alive. Just thought you should know. Hopefully I'll have a better update soon.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well I had big plans this past Monday to post about my awesome kids. I was feelin' the love gize. You know those times when you look at your kids and you think your going to burst because you adore them sooooo sooooo much??? I was totally going to gush and make everyone jealous of my awesome kids...ok...maybe not jealous but make you gize really happy for me that I was feelin it.

Then...right before I was about to post, I get a call from Jackson's Principal. I won't go into to much detail but he wasn't cooperating and having a bit of a melt down and at that very moment I could feel this woman judging my parenting. It sucked gize!

The week went down hill from there. I'm not having a good parenting week and I'd really like to run away or find a nice orphanage for all 4 of them...especially Bub. Gize, he's lucky he's still alive...I'm just saying.... Why can't that warm fuzzy feeling stay??? Why can't I gush and adore my children all of the time instead of wanting to send them far far far away from me where they won't dump cereal through out the house or decide that the drinks at the table rule doesn't mean them and end up spilling red juice on our nasty cream carpet, or dump and throw all the toys down the stairs right after I just put them away, or make it a mission to make his sisters scream all freakin day, or pull out the thawing beef out of the fridge and leave the raw meat on the carpet where it left a nice big blood stain. why???? I've had to give myself time outs this week to keep from throttling my children. I want to love and adore them again but I'm afraid I'll never get that feeling back. And I'm sure it's not helping that I'm having THE worst PMS in the history of PMS. My life is over!!!!!!!!!!!! ok...not really.... just feels like it today.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All about SPAM

ok, not really. I'll just tell you what we do with spam. But first I should say that it took LM about a year to get me to try it because a) it looks disgusting 2) the name doesn't sound tasty 3) everything I've heard about it, made it seem less then appetizing 4) the sound it makes getting it out of the can....ewwwwwww, but I FINALLY tried it and though I don't love it like LM does or even Jackson, it's not bad...seriously gize. I like it more than hot dogs which isn't say much since I'm not a hot dog fan. But the only way I'll eat it is after it's been fried, don't know why...I just do.

So, we cut it up and fry it then put it in mac n cheese instead of hot dogs...if your the kind of person that puts hot dogs in mac n cheese.

LM also cut's it up, fries it and puts it with spicy oriental soup with veggies and fried egg but he's not prejudice, he likes it just about every way, he even likes it in sandwiches and of course, fried up with eggs.

If you go here you'll be able to find recipes and have a spamtastic good time finding out more about SPAM and you can even become a member of the SPAM fan club. I know you want too...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thanks to Memzy

I have something to blog about! Thanks to Memzy, you get to hear about what we lived on while we were snowed in. I first would like to say that I think it was inspiration that I got a crazy idea the day before Thanksgiving to stock up BIG time on all our necesities , I only do this like 3 times a year and spend bucko bucks at Costco so I don't have to go again for several months. Leaving Costco the day before Thanksgiving, I was questioning my sanity but if I hadn't we would have been very hungry 'cause we pretty much lived off of what I bought that day. Inspiration!

Here's a list of staples:
Mac n Cheese..duh
spam...yup, you read that correctly, we actually have it in our food storage because a number of my family members love the stuff.
hot dogs...double duh
2 costco bag size of chicken nuggets...
case of soup and ginormous box of saltines
ginormous box of flavored oatmeal
costco size bag of pancake mix
2 large syrup containers
costco sizebacon
turkey bacon
5 dozen eggs..yeah we eat a lot of eggs around here...not me but everyone else
crate o' yogurt
2 meat lasagna, they come in 2 packs and they are AWESOME!
canned veggies and fruit
ginormous costco size bag of burritos
spaghetti and spaghetti sauce
frozen biscuits from schwans because they ROCK
We also have quarter of a cow in our freezer, we go in once a year with our friends to buy a cow, pasture fed, hormone free.
Thankfully, I had just bought 2 ginormous size containers of peanut butter so I didn't have to worry once that we would run out...phew.

We had to go to the store twice for milk, caffeine and bread

Sadly, I only had a few days worth of Diet Pepsi and regular Pepsi so we had to tredge in the snow uphill both ways to get our fix but TOTALLY worth it, plus I also have a sucker...err I mean son who thought it would be cool to go until he did and then decided it wasn't that cool.

hmmm...I think that's it.

Sooo we pretty much ate exactly what we eat normally. I try to have 2 months worth of food that we normally eat along with our other long term food storage so at least my kids wouldn't starve if something worse would have happened. From now on, I'm gonna make sure we're better covered with Diet Pespi so there will be no risk of me going crazy from caffeine withdrawals 'cause that sucks.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

yeah yeah yeah, I know I'm a little late but HEY it's a new year with new resolutions to break. Soooo instead of boring everybody with my New Years Resolutions I'm gonna tell ya what I learned this past year. The good the bad and the sometimes ugly.

If there is candy in the house...I will eat it especially if it's swedish fish or sour patch kids...don't ask...I don't know why I love them so.

Less is more especially at Christmas. Being snowed in was the best thing that could have happened at Christmas this year. I had no choice but to do less and no last minute shopping. I hope we get snowed in next year. I don't know why but a few days before Christmas, I start thinking about all the things that I could give and maybe I should get just 1 more thing and this year, it didn't matter. Nobody felt like they were missing out and it ended up being the best Christmas I have had since being married...not kidding. Absolutely no stress, just fun and relaxation.
Christmas morning

Our King size bed feels really empty when there are no kids sleeping in it and it is AWESOME!!!! I'm totally loving the space, just wish it was happening on a more consistent basis but hey, 1 time a week is better than nothing right?

Going to Seattle with some Frousins is AWESOME!!!

Having a 3 week Christmas break totally ROCKS!!!!

Having Jackson go back to school doesn't rock. Seriously gize, I really missed him today.

Getting Ticket To Ride for Christmas was an AWESOME idea!!! Fun Fun
team Super Awesome
The Lone Ranger
half the Hot Stuff team. Sara's the Hot and I'm the stuff.

Having Bub awake while we play ticket to ride...not so awesome. It's TORTURE to have little train pieces and not being able to get a hold of them....

Having team Super Awesome kick team Hot Stuff and the Lone Ranger not as awesome. I bet they cheated!

Not to sound ungrateful but spending every month worrying and wondering if Larry's contract with HP was going to be extended another month really sucked!

Becoming even better friends with Carrie is Super Awesome.

I really NEED and iphone...it's no longer a want...it's a NEEEEEEEEEEEED. I don't even know why I need one, I just do.

I REALLY love snow. I don't even mind that it's cold and I HATE being cold. It's just not the same kind of cold as the dark dreary never stop raining cold that we usually have.

I REALLY need to move to where it snows during the winter...seriously gize! But I have yet to talk LM into moving sooooooooooo....dark and dreary it is.

I get really nervous with the river levels behind our house after a very large snow fall and a week of rain afterwards. YIKES...glad I'm pretty high up the hill....

I need to get chains and sleds for the "just in case it snows" days that happen like once ever 3 or 4 years. It's not cool, not being the cool family with sleds and having to bum sleds off of neighbors.

LM and I don't date enough...in fact, it's super rare that we date. We need it...really bad.

My kids rock! I knew this but for some reason I haven't enjoyed them as much as I have this year, I'm really glad I'm their mom. Maybe it's because they have passed the baby stage and we can do fun stuff together, I don't know, but I do know that I adore them and they are pretty great kids if I say so my self ...and I do. Even Bub, though most days I find him not as rockin as I like but he's 3...it'll pass...right????

LM is a sweetheart. He can be somewhat forgetful (not trying to hassle you honey) but he does things for me all year, like he'll bring home flowers if he goes to the store or he'll stop and get me chocolates when he knows I've been having a bad day. He calls me a couple of times a day when he goes into the office. He volunteers to make dinner when I start feeling overwhelmed. He's not afraid to change diapers, he never has been. He's always happy when I do things for myself like going to see chick flicks or going shopping with friends or just escaping the house for a little while. He even brushes my hair while we watch movies. He's awesome!!!

This year my love of reading has been relit. Thanks to Twilight, I remembered why I love reading and have had the best reading year I've ever had. I forgot how much I needed that time and how much I enjoy finding new authors and books to love.

I really need to get snowed in every year so that I have time to clean out my file cabinet and shred boxes of stuff that has needed to be shredded for over a year.

Oooooooooh my goodness I could go on forever...but lucky for you, I won't.