Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This morning, while sitting at my computer going over Sara's lesson plan, one of my kids yells "it's snowing!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the....??? Just yesterday I was driving my van with the window down...ok it's because it stinks but I didn't freeze to death when I did it. Then a microsecond after I realized it was snowing, I freaked because I don't have my month supply of Diet Pepsi...yeah I didn't learn my lesson...bad Cristin.

I check on Yahoo weather to see what it's suppose to be today and it just says freezing rain and then this afternoon, just rain. hmmm so this is what freezing rain looks like.... hmm....

yup...it's snowing and even sticking a little bit. This is some crazy weather! We don't usually get snow and if we do it's 1 day and it doesn't stick, it's more like really thick rain.

Anyway, can you guess who chose fashion before function?

this girl


Katie said...

I love that picture of her. I also have gone out in open toed shoes many a times in the snow. Brrr, but worth it.

Memzy said...

they might be freezing toes but they are CUTE toes.

Jenny ESP said...

Whoa, missed this one. I can't believe the crazy weather you've been having. We've been having unusual weather too--warmer than usual, thank goodness there's no more snow.