Sunday, March 29, 2009

I lived!

The interview went good...I guess. I guess we'll see, I wasn't given a time that I would hear whether I got it or not. I just feel good that I lived through my first interview in a loooooooooooong time. I might even try it again...maybe.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I have my first job interview in 13 years in just a few short hours. I'm freakin out. Hopefully they hire for good looks and sparkling personality instead of job experience. ::crossing fingers::

This totally reminds of my last job. When I had my 6 month evaluation they had me fill out a questionnaire about how I thought I was doing in the job and asked me what my best qualities were. I said something about my sparkling personality. I don't know why I did it. It was a very serious evaluation but like I said before when I get all stressed, I get silly. I can't believe I wrote that down. My boss just gave me a weird look when he read it. He didn't have much of a sense of humor.... I can still see his face....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks Mom and Dad

I think I annoyed my Mom with all my whining about my stinkin' dining room floor that she finally shut me up by giving us some left over flooring from their house. Who says whining doesn't work??? My kids keep trying it anyway.

Yeah, the carpet is disgusting...I know and no I can't believe we've lived with it this long either. Even though it did dry up from the "incident", it still stank a little and the carpet was uneven since we had to take out some of the padding that couldn't be saved.

My dad is such a good sport, he's even smiling....maybe he's thinking that this is FINALLY gonna shut me up...haha what he doesn't realize is that I still have LOTS of things to complain about...hahahaha jokes on him.
Don't my feet look great on this?
Look how happy this makes picture me this happy times a thousand....yeah...I'm happy.
Best of matches Bruiser...and isn't that what it's all about???

My dining room after:
The bad thing about this, is that now you can REALLY see how awful our carpeting is in our Living Room....but that'll be next weeks project.

Thanks again Mom for the idea and Dad for doing whatever Mom tells you to do.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spider Monkey Squirrel Girl

Happy Birthday Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 9 favorite things about Sara:
1. She is heeeeeelarious!
2. She is a geek...though I think LM loves this about her more than I do. She loves video games, computer games, she likes to read gaming magazines....she's going to make some nerd very happy one day.
3. She is a really good big sister!!!
4. She is supah smart and learns things easily...I'm a bit jealous.
5. She might be shy but she makes friends easily.
6. She looooooooooooooves to read everything and anything. She will tell me miscellaneous facts about something and every time I ask her where she learned it, she tells me "I read it ____". Did I mention she also has a great memory?
7. She writes funny stories. I think she'll make a great writer someday.
8. She loves telling jokes
9. She's going to be a WAAAAAAAAAY better blog writer than me. Sara's blog. She was a little excited yesterday when I helped her create a blog.

I love you Sara!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

why do I do this?

On my computer screen, I have a slide show of all my photos. Well yesterday I was at my computer having a conversation with a woman who is doing an evaluation on Jackson. As I was responding to a serious question, this picture came on the screen...
I immediately made this snortguffaw sound mid sentence. I tried to hide it by saying excuse me and pretending it was a sneeze but while saying that my body starts shaking, my eyes are tearing up from trying to hold in the laughter. I decide to walk away from my computer, thinking that would help me to not think about it. But instead Jenny's fairies jump in my head. Gize, it was so painful to try to hold it in. I just kept saying that I must be allergic to something and it's making me sneeze...I'm a liar....and not a very good one. I'm giggling all the way through the conversation and when we hang up...nothin... I stop laughing. What's wrong with me? I mean the photo itself isn't that funny but the that moment was funny and for the non Seattle Six, I'm not talking about beautiful Memzy but the couple in the background....snort...giggle...sigh

I do this when I'm arguing with LM too. We'll be right in the middle of it and I'll start laughing which of course just makes him mad, thinking that I'm not taking it serious but i am...which makes me laugh harder. I'm so rude and the more I try not to be rude the more I laugh...maybe I have some awful disease or something that makes me do this....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm living in the Dark Ages

Gize, I don't have cable...(gasp) I know and I'm feeling totally left out of all this Idol talk. I thought I would be know....not being in the conversation, but I'm starting to feel left out. I think I need to hang with some neighbors or head to my moms house on idol night so I can keep up with my peeps. I wanna know the lingo and know who "eyebrow guy" is and the "blind guy" and "tat girl" and....well the list goes on. I've been hanging with "my nerds" in game and starting to feel like I'm missing out on a whole nother world. Who should I be googling? what utube vids should I be watching? Give me the info so I know who I should vote for...this is a call out for help gize. I need to know these things so when the 2000-2010 trivia game comes out I won't be left in the dust.

Carter out

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I didn't think about this when I took this job.

Almost 12 years I ago I quit working and became a know that nice cushy job where you can wear whatever you want, take care of mostly ungrateful kids who think your a maid, cook, problem answer-er, miracle worker and over all best job EVER. So, I knew that someday I'd go back to work and it wasn't until this week when I decided that now would be a good time, that I realized that I have not worked in 12 years....12 YEARS!!!! Do you know what that looks like on a resume and job application??? I do now.... I had to warn my friends that I had put their names down for references since I would die of shock if any of my bosses were still working at my former jobs. YIKES!!!! Luckily for me, the main needs of the job are: Must be 18(barely passed that one ...shut up!), pass a criminal history check (thankfully that bank robber job never came through for me) and a valid Oregon drivers license. ::crossing fingers I get it::....sigh....only feeling slightly pathetic...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

4 ears owd

Yup my baby is 4 years old!!!! YAY!!! I hate to say this but this has been the longest 4 year of my life. I kid you not. All the other kids grew up so fast that if felt like a flash...not this one. I love this kid, I adore him, I want to snuggle and kiss him every time he smiles but he is by far the hardest of them all. He's also the one that's most like LM...::snickering::...

My 4 most favorite things about him is:
1. He LOVES animals...looooooooooooves them. Whenever he gets upset, in trouble or tired, he'll cuddle up to bruiser (or any other dog that might be around) and pets him until he calms himself down.

2. He's a dare devil that's willing to do anything....including letting his older sister push him around in her doll stroller.

Proof, that he's willing to do anything and does try most things:
one of his war wounds, I don't believe there has been a day that there hasn't been proof on his face that he recently did something he shouldn't....

3. He sucks his thumb, he's done it since...well...I'm sure he did it in the womb. I love it...I know it's crazy but I do. I know that I'm going to be shelling out thousands of dollars because of it but I think it makes him even more adorable.
4. I LOVE his smile and it! It turns me into mush and makes it hard for me to be mad at him for very long.

Happy Birthday Bub, Bubby, Bubarino, Bubbalicious, Bubbers, Hyrum.

He also happens to share a birthday with my most favorite Father-in-law. Happy Birthday Grandpa Clubb!!!! We love you!

p.s. I'm feeling better...YAY!

p.s.s. LM started a new job yesterday, he has quite the commute...he has to walk down 2 flights of stairs to get to his's a tough job but somebody has to do it. We're happy, relieved and I'm super glad that he'll be working from home. We finally have insurance, super duper YAY! and because he works from home, we could live any where....not that we're moving...just that we COULD, which is some how nice to know.

p.s.s.s. I'm going to be around a little more often.