Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks Mom and Dad

I think I annoyed my Mom with all my whining about my stinkin' dining room floor that she finally shut me up by giving us some left over flooring from their house. Who says whining doesn't work??? My kids keep trying it anyway.

Yeah, the carpet is disgusting...I know and no I can't believe we've lived with it this long either. Even though it did dry up from the "incident", it still stank a little and the carpet was uneven since we had to take out some of the padding that couldn't be saved.

My dad is such a good sport, he's even smiling....maybe he's thinking that this is FINALLY gonna shut me up...haha what he doesn't realize is that I still have LOTS of things to complain about...hahahaha jokes on him.
Don't my feet look great on this?
Look how happy this makes picture me this happy times a thousand....yeah...I'm happy.
Best of matches Bruiser...and isn't that what it's all about???

My dining room after:
The bad thing about this, is that now you can REALLY see how awful our carpeting is in our Living Room....but that'll be next weeks project.

Thanks again Mom for the idea and Dad for doing whatever Mom tells you to do.


Emily said...

How nice! You have awesome parents!

Memzy said...

Love love love! Do you walk in and just stare at it all the time?

Markie23 said...

Looks great Cristin. I'll give your mom another big hug when I see her Wednesday... WOOT!!.

eekareek said...

It looks awesome. I am so excited for you.

Katie said...

Beautimous!! There is nothing like new flooring to brighten your day, especially when you don't have to pay for it. Whose idea was it to put carpet in a dining room anyway?

Jenny ESP said...

Wow, looks great! Can't wait to see your living room makeover. If you lived closer, I would give you all my left over flooring. It would sort of match. Close enough.

Warriorcats said...

i LOVE it! call me crazy, but i think that my parents like it more then i do! (and i am in L.O.V.E with it!) (btw....look down ::points to bottem of commet.:: what i never do....i have to say...i am very fond of that last one...)


Krysten said...

gosh - lucky! wish i had super great parents like you! :) lol