Thursday, April 30, 2009

No need to mourn!

I just got off the phone with the body shop and I don't need to mourn my van. YAY!!! It looks like I'll be back in Idaho in a month or so. I'm not nearly as excited about that part.

Best Family EVER

Hey thanks everyone who was there to give me lots of love and help through my accident! I don't think I would be home joking with my husband about it if it wasn't for all your love and support. I especially want to make a shout out to Amy for being my chauffeur and Uncle Gus and Aunt Mary for the best bright pink suitcase ever. It was sooooooo easy to identify among the other luggage at the airport. hahaha Don't worry Uncle Gus, the next time I go to Boise, I'll be sure to bring it back to ya.

Since I forgot my camera, I thought I'd draw what my van looks like now.

I'm feeling tons better today, not nearly as sore. But last night when we pulled into the driveway after LM picked us up at the airport, I about burst into tears because he had the nerve to park in my vans spot. He didn't even give us a few days to mourn or anything....I don't know if I'll be able to forgive him yet. Actually I don't know if we should be in mourning yet, hopefully we'll know soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guess what time it is!


FINALLY, it's warm enough for sprinklers. WOOHOO!!! I'm surprised all of you in other states couldn't hear my kids screaming with joy.

I think even bruiser was enjoying the sun.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I quit

World of Warcrack yesterday. Cold Turkey, luckily, I'm not alone. LM quit cold turkey too. I'm still going through withdrawals, but, thankfully this kind of withdrawal doesn't give me headaches or make me nauseasted. Instead I seem to have alot of time on my hands to spring clean, finish the laundry, catch up on my reading, listen to the first song on Jespy's playlist over and over and over and over..etc. , find a cure for cancer, catch up on blogs, end war and I might try to squeeze in a nap.

I'm only telling you this so I don't have to look at my cheesy grin every time I log onto my computer. Instead you can see the whole Cooper clan and our cheesy 70's grins.
Your welcome.

p.s. Mom, do you have a copy of this picture? I'd like to get a new copy that doesn't include a red marker stain on your face.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My husband like totally loves me

It's a 1000 pc puzzle gize. He like totally knows me. He completes me. He had to go to Borders this week to buy some nerd book for work and surprised me with this. I asked him about the Edward doll...I think that might have been a bit too much for him.

More good news! Jackson lived through 4 days of outdoor school and so did I. It was mightly quiet around here without him, especially the mornings. Jackson is a very get up and go kinda guy in the morning and the rest of us aren't really. He gets very chatty and everything he does is noisy so it was kinda nice to sleep in a bit but we missed the kid. He had a really good time and I'm glad he decided to go. It took him from the beginning of September till 2 weeks ago to finally agree to go. ALL the 6th graders go but up to a few weeks ago, he was refusing to go...I'm glad he changed his mind. He said he only had 1 melt down which is totally awesome since he usually has a couple at school a week. Life is back to it's usually noisy self.

Well, I'm off to tackle some laundry and laundry with a side of laundry. Wish me luck! If you don't see me by next week...send help...please.