Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things my kids say that warm my heart

Emily: Loud scream

Jackson: Sorry!!! I'll give you a dollar if you don't tell Mom!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What it looks like at 6 am

What I'm wearing at 6 am

Me at 6 am, waiting for my girlie friend to meet me outside for our walk and me pointing out that I FINALLY lost my first pound. So at a rate of 1 pound per 6 weeks, I figure that in around 600 weeks (11 1/2 years) I'll be at goal. I can't wait.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is a call out

for workout music. I need a new workout playlist but I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed ideas. What songs get you movin? Serious gize, I really need to know. You wouldn't want me to get tired of the same ol' songs everyday would you??? I didn't think so.

And for a short little update, last week is the first week I didn't gain. WOOT! I didn't lose but gize...I didn't gain.... I have to rejoice in the little things, no matter how much it sucks. But for the gooder news, I think it's because I'm retaining water. A certain visitor is coming ::wink wink:: you know the one that makes me kinda cranky, crazy and retain enough water for a small village.... she's rude that like. So I'm expecting a loss any week now...any week...::crossing fingers::

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Visiting Family

The kids and I went to the zoo on Tuesday. The whole way there, the kids kept teasing Bub, telling him that we were going to go visit his real family (the monkeys). We all laughed, thought it was so cute.

We walk into the Primate area, saw this:

and Bub yells as loud as he can "My family! My family!". Then he looks at me and asks where his mom is.
I'm wondering if this means that we can leave him there....

We also visited LM
yeah yeah I know, I'm so funny you forgot to laugh.

When Bub first saw this
he ran up to the glass where there was a whole line of toddlers and yelled "Holy Crap!". An extremely shocked mom looked at me and I just feigned shock, shrugged...then pointed to the mom next to me. Just kidding... I didn't shrug. Holy freakin crap, I don't know where he gets his crappy vocabulary from...

my little chicks in their bald eagle nest.

My fish

except Bub, 'cause he's a monkey.

My bear cubs

It was fun.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I can cry if I want too

So today is the end of my first 4 weeks and well...no words really...nothing that a few tears, a diet pepsi and a hammer can't handle.

The good news: I've lost 10.25 inches, I had a few gains and a few loses there but I'm gonna say that it's LM's lack of consistency and not me...yeah...that's it...it's LM's fault for every measurement that was higher...that almost makes me feel better.

The I hate my life news: I've gained a total of 5 lbs. That's right I gained ANOTHER pound this week.

That's all...I'm heading out to go find the biggest freakin hammer on the planet and going to smash my scale to smithereens.

I'll cya later!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I gained another pound. That's right, I've gained 4 pounds in 3 weeks....it would totally be impressive if I wasn't trying to lose... I can't tell you how hard it is to not drown my sorrow in dark chocolate with almonds.

I'm still keeping positive though. I'm just concentrating on all the positives like...

I'm getting stronger, I've already upped the weights I'm using from 3, 5 and 8 lb to 5, 8 and 10. I think from here on out, I'll just be doing more reps.

I no longer need a nap during the day like I did when I first started.

Some mornings, walking up Oh My Gosh it Burns, actually feels good.

I feel pretty positive.

I don't eat as much junk food because I don't want to undo my workout.

And the VERY best thing is a week after I started working out, the nagging pain I had in my chest from the accident was totally gone. YAY!!!

You can just call me Pollyanna from now on.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

So I was totally thinking that

Idaho hated me and I was going to take it of my list, you know the "I might want to move there maybe if LM ever decides he would be willing to leave Oregon" list. But I'm trying to take a Pollyanna attitude about it, so instead of having bad luck in Idaho, Idaho is trying to tell me not to leave it...

Tuesday, I flew to Idaho because Twilight Van is all fixed up with pretty new body parts. My frousin Amy, who is now my favorite frousin but shhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone, was kind of enough to take time away from moving to take me to Burley so I could pick up my van. Sadly, we had a little problem with her car battery...

like it stopped working while we were at a rest stop. I started to feel my unlucky vibes going on over load. Luckily, Idaho seems to be filled with lots of super duper nice people. A nice guy jumped the car and we made it to Schucks in Twin Falls where we met Mike aka McGyver:

talk about going above and beyond. He's awesome and loves his job!!! He had to do all kinds of fixing things and was super cool.

Once we got a new battery we went to get dinner at...CAFE RIO!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not hype, the Pork salad REALLY is that good!!! I love Idaho just because this place...and because they have a 75 mph speed limit.

Once rolling ourselves out of Cafe Rio, we were on our way to Burley when the car died, then died again and a few more times after that.

Amy calling Mike to get a number of a mechanic, that we couldn't get a hold of.

Back to Schucks where Mike checked the altinator then called John the most nicest mechanic on the planet...seriously...nicest mechanic EVER. While waiting ,Amy pulled out her crystal ball and saw that the mechanic wasn't going to find anything wrong with it....and guess what??? She was totally right. But hey, at least we made new friends. We made it to Burley pretty late which made Amy get home super late.

I have to say the beds at the Marriotte are pretty inviting for a Hotel. I slept like a baby. But I think that might have something to do with a 4 year old not kicking me in the face several times a night or hearing a crying 9 year old whose afraid of the dark.

I woke up bright and early to workout then took a walking tour of Burley to get to Crawford Body shop. Where my girl was getting all fixed up and pretty.

Here she is!!!!
Look how shiny!

Me super duper happy!

It only took me about 3 hours to take my hands off the 10 and 2 position to the more relaxed 9 and 3 position. I'm still really nervous about driving her and hyper aware of every little sound and bump but she drove like the day I brought her home from the dealership. She's lovely.

It only took me around 600 miles and swollen feet to remember that I had cruise control...

627.8 miles later we were home!!!! Awww its' so nice see her home.
But that silver car had some nerve to be in her spot...must be jealous...I would be.

Thanks AMY!!!! I'm still gonna feel bad for all the bad luck...

Lindy Lulu

Graduated last night! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! I can't believe our baby (yes I said OUR baby) has graduated. Where did the time go??? It feel like not to long ago that I was at the hospital with Cathe and Mom watching this beautiful girl be born.... sniff sniff.

We love Lulu!!!!