Thursday, June 18, 2009

Visiting Family

The kids and I went to the zoo on Tuesday. The whole way there, the kids kept teasing Bub, telling him that we were going to go visit his real family (the monkeys). We all laughed, thought it was so cute.

We walk into the Primate area, saw this:

and Bub yells as loud as he can "My family! My family!". Then he looks at me and asks where his mom is.
I'm wondering if this means that we can leave him there....

We also visited LM
yeah yeah I know, I'm so funny you forgot to laugh.

When Bub first saw this
he ran up to the glass where there was a whole line of toddlers and yelled "Holy Crap!". An extremely shocked mom looked at me and I just feigned shock, shrugged...then pointed to the mom next to me. Just kidding... I didn't shrug. Holy freakin crap, I don't know where he gets his crappy vocabulary from...

my little chicks in their bald eagle nest.

My fish

except Bub, 'cause he's a monkey.

My bear cubs

It was fun.


Warriorcats said... was SOO awesome.. hey mom, next time can we ask the zoo boss if we can leave hyrum with the primates? LOL heres some advice: if your in the jungle and you hear a loud roar, its probably not a tiger, its probably a howler monkey wich are kinda like frogs they do the whole pouch mouth thing where it puffs up and stuff..anyway, heres a fun fact, im actully a few inches away to being as tall as a sun bear! XD and sun bears are AWESOME they have super big and super sharp claws THEY R MY FAMILY!!! I WANNA LIVE WITH THEM!!! pwease?

Markie23 said...

I LOVE the Portland zoo, and Cherie would be SO jealous that you visited the polar bears - her favorite.
I love those cute kid pic's too!

Emily said...

Super good times! We have some great memories of the Portland zoo too. Glad you were able to make some great memories!

Mary said...

I love to go to the zoo. And I'm especially fond of checking out Bub's family. Thanks for sharing the experience.

Memzy said...

Um, I heart his hair cut. HEART!

Lynn Cooper said...

Looks like a fun day! It's always nice when you can connect with "Family"!

Jenny ESP said...

I love the Portland zoo. It's a good'un.