Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy belated 4th, 5th and 6th of July

We love the 4th of July so much that we decided to stretch it out a few days. It's kind of what happens when you forget to bring your fireworks to a family party then the next night arctic winds sweep through your town making it too cold and windy to light more than a couple of fireworks. We finally finished our celebration on the 6th.

We celebrated the 4th with Cathe's clan, Mom & Dad Cooper and Cathe's pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're so happy they got a pool, Sara is still trying to find a way for us to move closer so they can go swimming all the time.

I know it might be kind of hard to tell by the looks on their faces, but they really did love the pool.

Bub got in for a few minutes but once he went face in, he decided that he didn't want to swim any more. Kind of like when he was on the trampoline with me and I jumped and he decided that he didn't like jumping.

We lit a few fireworks but the finale kind of got trumped by all the illegal fireworks that started going off all around us. The neighborhood seems innocent but boy oh boy...there was a lot of law breakers...and I'm glad for it because they were really awesome!!!

Once again, Bub didn't care for the fireworks. He sat on my lap for a few minutes but he kept repeating "I wanna go inside" each time getting slightly louder until he was screaming. So he went inside with Sophie the dog, occasionally he would step outside but the second he heard a firework he would run back inside and slam the door. I still find it amazing that this kid is afraid of fireworks...they're dangerous...he usually loves everything dangerous...I don't get it....

This was taken when Maggie was doing the Coke and mentos experiment(that I didn't get a picture of).

The 5th AKA arctic weather night! I warned the kids that it was too cold but they were determined to do the fireworks. It only took 3 fireworks for them to decide that it was too cold.

6th/Family Home Evening

Larry was brave and let the 3 older kids take a turn lighting a firework.
Bub before we started the fireworks:After:


Jenny ESP said...

There's something about 4th of July. I just love it. I would say that this 4th of July was a step up from last year's, no?

Memzy said...

I also love the 4th. You gize really took it to the next level tho.

Mary said...

Glad you had a good 4th. You're two girls look so much alike I can never figure out which on is which.

Lynn Cooper said...

I love Emily's new hairdo! It turned out great. I also like Sara's new doo. They do look more alike now. That was such a great 4th. Thanks Cathe and Aaron!!!!

Cooper Family said...

Great pictures! Your kids are all looking so big. I can't believe how time flies. I wish we lived closer so we could see you all more often!