Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I FAIL!!!!

I thought I would FINALLY update since it's almost November. I started thinking about all that happened this month and realized I didn't post Emily Wembily's birthday. I'm a failure...a blog failure.

Little Miss Emily turned 6 years old!!!! sniff sniff I can't believe my baby girl is getting soooo oooold.

She wore that crown for 5 days straight. The week before her birthday, I kept asking her what she wanted for her birthday and all she would say was a crown. I was like "ok" then when I picked her up from school that Friday, I finally realized what she meant. All the kids in her class get to wear a birthday crown and she couldn't wait to get to wear hers. Her teacher came up to me and said that she has never had a student so excited about wearing the birthday crown in the history of her teaching....awww that's my Emily!!!!
My 6 most favorite things about Emily:
1. She makes my heart sing every time she smiles.
2. She lets me hug and kiss her as much as I want.
3. Her laugh is contagious.
4. She loves everything girlie.
5. She loves that birthday crown.
6. She's the most like me and gives me a new perspective of myself.

Now random pictures.

In other news. Today I start my first day of work. I'm pretty nervous especially after I spent the past 2 days in training learning how to get out of strangle holds, bear hugs, arm holds, pinches, hair pulls (which by the way, there is no safe way to get out of that, it's more of a sit and wait) and learned how to do a 1 person, 2 person and 3 person holds....very exciting...I'm just hoping to keep my teeth. I guess working with the mentally disabled is a much more hazardous job then I thought.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm the luckiest

I have THE best Mother-in-Law in the world and today is her birthday! We love you Grandma Clubb!

Not only is she beautiful but she is sweet, loving, talented and a wonderful grandma.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I so can't believe I didn't tell you gize....

but we have a new member of the family.
This is Nakita Banana Carter. We loves her!

Best dog EVER!! (for us)

She's awesome gize, she has all the qualities that we wanted in a dog.
1. likes Hyrum
2. obediant (does everything that Hyrum tells her to do)
3. isn't yappy.
4. likes all of us
5. helps the kids feel safe so they stay in bed (totally working btw)
6. potty trained
7. awesome.
8. she's super good at herding the kids and getting them out of bed in the morning. It's so cute. Right when we get home from our walk, she runs into all the bedrooms, jumps on the beds to get the kids up then runs downstairs to eat breakfast.
9. We love her.

After Boozer the chilala passed away, our friends Jay and Carrie let us borrow Nakita during the day. We would have her all day then give her back at bedtime. She helped us not be as sad and gave lots of love. I was on the hunt for a new dog and the more time I spent with Nakita the more I wanted a dog JUST like her. Well...our friends got the hint and gave us Nakita...don't feel bad for them...they have spares. They seem to be turning out to be our dog suppliers since they gave us Bruiser too. They find awesome dogs then give them to us. It seems to be working out well for both of us.

Anyway, I think it's fitting that she's our dog now since she was the love of Bruisers life.