Monday, December 7, 2009

Totally fakin' it!

The Christmas Tree, that is...what did you think?

While decorating this year we decided to give one of those fake trees a try...I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I'm already missing the smell of a real tree, especially vacuuming up the needles...mmmm...I like that smell. I just hope the locals don't find out about our fake tree...we may get kicked out of Small Town Oregon for this...I mean this is the land of Christmas tree farms. So shhhhhh this is just between us right?

Can you believe it's Christmas time??? Me either...but I'm lovin it!

I love giant stalkings that our friend Beth made for each of us.

I love decorations.
I love decorating the tree...even if it is fake....see....I don't think I'll be ever to get past the "fakeness" of our tree. I'm trying though...I really am.

I love these hoodlums. (notice how Kita is on the couch and the kids are on the floor...that's how we roll around here)
Boy oh boy do I love these gize!

I love going to a fancy dinner at Sharis with my kids

and LM


Emily said...

Fake is the only way to go!!

Memzy said...

Adorable decor!

Fake trees roool.

eekareek said...

I love the fancy dinner at Sharis too. I am a real tree girl. I totally agree with you on the smell when you vacuum up the needles. Mmmmmm, smells so good.

Jenny ESP said...

The illusive LM! Good to see him from time to time. Fake tree, dinner at Shari's... ah, Christmas is in the air!

Mary said...

Fake trees are the only way to go these days. I like to put the tree up early and those real ones are dead in a week and all of the ornaments are falling off on the floor as the limbs droop and needles fall. Looks like your family will have a great time despite the fakeness of your tree!

Landee said...

I thought Oregoneonites would LOVE fake trees seein' as how they are all a bunch of tree huggerz....right? Why would they wanna cut down those that they love? Makes no sense. Fake takes the cake. No question.

Merry Christmas!

Cathe said...

Cristin, Fake Tree?..Blaspheme!!I have a good mind to report you to the tree police..but I won't, for the kids sake..btw, got a 7ft noble fir for $15 at a u-cut tree farm down the street from my house...snifffff...smells very good too...:)

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