Friday, December 24, 2010


The Carters

Sara and Jackson

And Bub (Hyrum)

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Like every other year, we didn't send out cards so sorry, maybe next year...but probably not.

It's been a year and I'm so glad it's almost over. The lows have been very low but we've reached new highs in areas of our lives that desperately needed them. So YAY! So many things to be thankful for:

Larry's job
My job
Our rockin awesome kids
Awesome Friends
A sister-in-law that keeps a positive attitude even though...
A home that looks FAB-U-LOUS!
Loving Parents that are so supportive that we wouldn't have made it this year without you.
Jackson getting on the Honor Roll. WOOT WOOT!
Bub getting an award at school for Positive Attitude. You could have tipped me over with a feather with that one. He's doing soooooooo good!
Emily and Sara getting a chance to use their acting chops. They rocked the Winter Program this year.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I did it!

I finally updated our house blog.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I love jack-o-lanterns

Especially the newly 7 year old kind.
Happy Birthday Emily!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm blaming it on the weather.

Rainy, overcast, dreary skies is so unmotivating. I want to curl up in a ball and hibernate until the sun comes out 9 very very very looooooong months. I don't know if I'm extra super bummed because our summer was like snap your fingers fast or what but it sucks. Not to sound bitter but, I hate you Oregon....I hate you... Is it too much to ask for 3 full months out of the year to have clear skies and sun??? really??? I'll even settle for not so warm just as long as the sun comes out. With my constant complaining about the weather, LM and I have come to the conclusion that even though I've lived here longer than anywhere else...I will never be a true Oregonian. For some reason this doesn't make me feel bad. You see, to be a true Oregonian, you have to be the kind of person that tolerates the 3 months of sun to get to the depressing weather....

So here's all the updates:
Kids in school...ALL. THE. KIDS. IN. SCHOOL. Oh yeaaaaaaaaah!

Jackson 8th grade
Last year of Junior High!!!!!! Contrary to all the freakin gray hairs on my head, I'm not old enough...shut up.
Sara 5th
5th grade rules the grade school. Nice to be at the top of the food chain. Also has an awesome teacher.

Emily 1st
My former kindy WAS excited about school till she found out you have to do work in first grade... she has a great teacher that calls her sugar which turns Emily into mush and makes her love her teacher even more.

Bub Kindergarten...FINALLY!!!
His teacher was Emily's teacher last year. We had to warn her that he's um...a little more...challenging than Emily. He seems to be doing pretty good, though I don't know if he actually talks to any kids. Everyday when I pick him up he's usually standing around sucking his thumb.

School started September 7th....except for Kindergarten because the school obviously hates us and made the Kindies wait till the 10th to start. That was a rough week....

We are only 3 weeks in and have gotten 3 teacher calls about 2 kids. I don't want to name names but it wasn't about Jackson or Emily.... We were totally expecting a call about Bub....I mean it's Bub... ::heavy sigh:: We WERE able to do a car pick up but he has a love of running into the road so now we have to actually get out of our car and go to the office to pick him up.... ::heavy drawn out lazy person sigh:: Sara...awww Sara. She's my little ball of stress and it seems to be really bad this year. She totally lucked out by getting a really sweet understanding teacher.

I'm proud to say that the first month in and Emily is getting an award next week for being responsible. YAY for something positive!!!

I'm already tired of the complaints about getting up, like for some reason the kids think I love getting out of a warm cozy bed to run around making sure everyone is fed, dressed, dogs walked, homework in back packs and lunches made.

The mornings are soooo freekishly quiet without would think I would get tons done but no It's just me, LM, his work and metal music... and I still don't get anything done. Maybe when all the kids are in all day school ::wishful thinking::

I got a job..woot

Then, I lost the job...::sob:: causing minor depression. I was babysitting the cutest, chubbiest 6 month old but his old babysitter had an opening so I got kicked to the curb.

But gooder news, I got another job...woot! Because I don't get enough kid time, I'm now a nanny for 3 adorable kids that are so squeezably adorable, they also remind me that I'm really glad that I don't have little little kids. lol

Work on the house has sloooooooowed down a bit. We were like crazy people, then we kind of hit the remodeling wall. Maybe a little burn out...maybe a little financial burn out. But we are slowly making progress. At least I can walk around my house!!!! I'm still in love with my fact I love being in there. It's such a strange sensation. I'm not use to it. All the flooring is done on the main floor! It's mainly all the little things that we have left to do. Lots of touch up paint because of all the little bumps from moving furniture back in. I'm soooooo in love with my house right now. I'll have to put more updates up...maybe when the weather 9 months. j/k sort of...

I want to thank everyone for prayers and adding Donna's name to the temples. She's not doing so good, the cancer is trying to kick her butt but she is Donna so she is keeping a pretty good attitude. Please keep her in your prayers.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I know it's been a while but I'd like to ask a favor from everyone. Can you all please pray for my sis-in-law Donna Carter. She needs some extra prayers, positive thoughts right now. If you could also put her name in the local temple would be awesome.

Thanks all.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

younger brothers....

Two nights ago, Emily came crying to me and Larry. She had blood coming from her mouth and was doing the crying/talking thing when you can't understand them. Finally we got her to take her fingers out of her mouth and asked her what happened.

Emily: Hyrum made me bite him!
Me: How did he make you bite him? (I have to ask because he totally could have asked her to bite never know with this kid)
Emily: He was annoying me.
Me and LM: ::trying not to laugh::
Emily: ::staring at us trying not to laugh at her::
Emily: My tooth hurts.

She bit him so hard that she made her previously unwiggly tooth wiggly. Worst part....Bub was still laughing hysterically about it.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Under Construction

So hey! Hope everyone is having a fun summer. I can't believe how fast it's passing me by. We have been busy and I'm starting a whole new stinkin blog just to show what we've been doing. It's under construction just like our house but I'll keep it more up to date than this blog since it's pretty much all we are concentrating on.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hey, yeah it's me.

I've been feeling so guilty for not posting and though lots of stuff is happening, I don't feel like posting anything so I decided that I'll just take a break but a break where I tell you I'm taking a break that way you aren't left hanging...all two of you who read my blog...I should have just called you. Oh well.

Be back after summer. Have a great sunny happy summer and I'll see you later.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Waking up with a fright.

This morning, I decided that I was going to sleep in till 7:00. Carrie had to leave for work early, it was raining and it seemed like a good day not to get up early to go walking.

As I was getting out of bad...very slowly like and getting ready to wake up the monsters, I see this huge flash of light that was all sparky then a big BOOM! that shook the house. Needless to say, I did not need to wake up everyone. All the kids ran into our room asking what happened while LM and I ran to the window. We saw smoke coming from the power lines that sit on the corner of our property. I said "It looks like the transformer blew." (like I even know what a transformer is but I pretended). LM and I went outside to take a look and we see that one of the guide wires from the ground to the pole had broke. We call the electric company and find out that a semi outside of town hit a power line. While we were outside, we start hearing a series of booms throughout town and lots of sparks coming from other poles, then lots and lots of sirens. Guys, I don't remember the last time this town had so much excitement.

BUT here's the best part. We walk back inside and we see Bub standing at the top of the stairs. He's shaking really bad and he says: "Is it Optimus Pwime?". It took everything I had not to fall on the ground laughing. We tried to explain to him that it's not that kind of transformer, but I still don't think he gets it because he keeps asking if it was a different kind of robot.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A whole lot of randomenss

Mainly just pictures.

What it's been looking like when I get up to go walking in the morning. We live a couple houses away from a river and this is the coolest bridge that takes you to a good dog run around area.

This is the river

Our house from the bridge.

Sara's 10th b-day

and yes that is the Twilight Graphic Novel. Sara loved it.

Should I be concerned that Bub does this with his toys?

Yes, he's still wearing the twansfomo costume. Notice the James (Thomas the tank engine) costume on the floor? This is also the reason we have dogs. Who else would he nap with?

Taking my "I never get to do anything" daughter out for a walk on the bridge and to the boat ramp.

The river on a beautiful sunny day.

The kids at the boat ramp Fall 2005. They were so tiny.

When did she grow such long legs???

Flowers blooming.

I've missed you blog. I'll hang around more I promise.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For Sara

I'm sorry I missed posting about your big double digit birthday. It's amazing to me that we've spent a decade together...and yet I haven't aged a day. I don't know how I keep doing that.

I love you Sara! I love watching my once tiny sweet little baby grow to an amazing young woman. You're smart, funny, kind-hearted, friendly, creative and talented and can do anything you set your mind to do. I can't believe your my daughter! You have a little bit of me, a little bit of your Dad and a whole lot of you. You're the most individual of the kids and I love that about you. You're not afraid to be yourself, your brave in a way that I never have been. You make me proud to be your mom and I'm grateful for everyday that I have with you.

I'll love you forever.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Todays funny.

Bub was being chased around the house by the little dogs. Bub runs and jumps on the couch, both little dogs jump on him and Bub yells: "Ok ok, you got me! I'll tell you everything!".

This is why I love him....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bubalicious 5!!!!!

Bub turned 5 on Saturday...actually he turned 5 last Wednesday but since LM was busy suffocating (something about being a mile above sea level), having the moisture sucked from his body (I guess kinda dry) and doing some job training in Colorado Springs, we had to put it off till Saturday...just in time for everyone to get sick.

Anyway, this kid is 5 and I can not believe it...seriously. I love this guy! I really do, he tests me, pushes me and gets me to pray daily. He also says THE funniest things, laughs daily, snuggles with me any chance he gets and loves strongly, especially for animals.

I'll leave you with this:
Bub to Emily: You wanna dwess up wif me Emiwy?
Emily: No, I don't feel like it.
Bub: Come on, look at me. I wook GWEAT!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Twansfomos have to sleep too.

Bub found this twansfomo costume in a bag of clothes that a neighbor gave us. She has know idea what she's done.
a few hours later.

I asked Bub what he wanted for his birthday and he said "Twansfomos.....ALL the twansfomos." So I'm thinking twansfomos.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh rats chit wawas chiweenie

So we have been like multiplying, thankfully in not the biblical way. LM thought Lilly aka The Rat needed a playmate so we (we as in, I was in the same building as him) went to Petsmart and they had 2 rats but sadly they were sisters and you wouldn't want to break up sisters soooooo we now have 3 rats. That's right. The ick factor is now tripled. But LM is happy that I think he loves them more than us...or maybe it's because they're not noisy, bug him every 2 minutes and can be put in a cage when he doesn't feel like dealing with them. I guess we could get a cage for the kids....

So now we have Lilly
Kaylee(from Firefly) and Ripley(Aliens...duh) or Ripley and Kaylee, I can't remember which is which. Just when I thought rats couldn't get creepier than their freaky hairless tails...they come with red eyes. ::full body shiver::
Thankfully, LM has stuck to his deal and I have not had to touch or take care of the rats and he's even out of town this week. Sara is taking care of the freaks..oh I mean rats.

Well, since we have now become "pet people", I decided that I was ready to have another small dog. yup, I totally miss having my little buddy Bruiser with me all the time so I decided that it was time to go back to Petfinder and get me another dog.

This is Zeus...actually his real name is Kiki but Kiki?!?!.... So he's Zeus now. Bub just follows him around calling him Chit wawa.
It took Emily 2.5 seconds to start putting clothes on him....isn't that what little dogs are for?
He's the SWEEEEEETEST, he's potty trained, crate trained and THE biggest snugglebug on the planet. He makes me so happy.

AAAAAND this is Lokie....
She's 8 months old, spunky and full of personality. I can't help but laugh whenever she's around me. She's what's called a chiweenie, a mix of Chihuhua and weenier dog. So cute! Sadly, I think she creeps out LM like the rats creep me out.

Yeah 2 dogs. I don't know what happened with getting just one but now that I have 2 little doggies, I'm wondering why I didn't do that sooner. They are sooooooooo funny.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The sun is out

so that should explain why I haven't updated in a while. We've had a whole week of sun. Can you believe it??? Me either. I'm so happy I could cry. I knew the sun made me happy but I forgot how much. I've been spending my days sitting in my van reading. Though it's sunny, and mostly warmer it's still too cold to just sit in, so I sit in my van where it's warm and I still get the full effect of the sunshine. I'm so happy. It has brought me hope, that good weather is just around the corner even though it's going back to our regularly scheduled rain and overcast sky on Monday.

Anyway, Jackson is still in school and it's going ok. We're concentrating on drawing closer as a family and teaching him how to deal with mean people. Parenting sucks but it's so worth it to just have my kids.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

good news

Dad is heading home from the hospital today so YAY! Thanks to everyone for your prayers and positive thoughts. I love ya guys.

Prayers and Positive Thoughts

Hey guys,

Dad's in the hospital due to chest pains. They ran some tests yesterday and so far so good but they are going to be running more tests today looking for damage and disease to his heart or arteries. He sure could use some prayers and positive thoughts right now.

I'll keep you updated.

Friday, February 5, 2010


My bff is out of town right now and usually I vent and talk things through with her but since she's on a much needed vacay I'm gonna do it here.

Jackson came to me during Christmas break and asked me to homeschool him again. He said that he's being teased, he's not happy with school and would really like to come back home. I told him to try to work things out and see what happens when he goes back to school. Last night, he came to me right before bed with tears and said that he would really like to be homeschooled again. Guys, I don't know what to do.

LM and I, had a nice long discussion about it last night and I still feel mixed. Do I bring him home and have him miss some of the stuff he gets from being at school or do I leave him there and teach him to stick with it. I know for some this would be an easy answer but I don't think it is. I had to ask myself this question. Would I, as an adult, keep going to a place that made me feel bad about myself daily? Is it better to allow his self esteem to be tested to make him "stronger"? The fact is, he will never be like everybody else and honestly, I'm glad he's not. He has Aspergers, and though he can learn a lot of behaviors and he's really good at mimicking, he's still different. When I pick him up from school, I see him walking by himself, talking to himself. I see the way that kids look at him. Most of the time he's oblivious but sometimes they make sure that he's aware of how different he is. I also understand why some kids would be annoyed by him because he is bossy, doesn't understand personal space, he's not aware of how the things he says and does effects other people, and he takes a long time to verbally get his ideas out. He also goes to school without complaining because those are the rules and he's a rule abider and that's what he's suppose to do, so for him to be upset enough to remember to tell me that he's not happy is a big deal.

If I did bring him home, he still would go to the school for speech therapy and his skills class so he would still get that support. But would it be better to keep his self esteem beefed up by us and keep him in school?

He's my baby and I wish that I could make all the right decisions with him so that he grows up happy and healthy, so if anyone has a child manual that I could borrow I would super duper appreciate it.


I guess I'm not really looking for answers from you guys I just need a sounding board....sigh....I miss Carrie. (but don't feel bad Carrie if you read this, I'm super duper glad your getting a well deserved break!!! Don't call me! Seriously!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What I did on my computer free vacation

aka what I did so my friends and family wouldn't put me on ignore. Besides getting a finger cramp from only using my iphone to type, pondering the meaning of life and what the heck a vidoe card is and if it's really THAT important and debating about which is more important: food or video card. Eating is so over rated plus we have enough to keep up with my diet pepsi habit so we're worries.

I cleaned my closets people...all of them. ooooh yeah, they are gleaming, so gleaming that I can't take a picture of them because they are so sparkling clean and organized that it'll break my camera. Plus, I wouldn't want you to get all depressed and feel bad or guilty that yours don't look as great as mine.

From all my closet cleaning and drawer cleaning, I had 6 bags of clothes for good will, plus another bag of toys. Hallelujah! Can I get an amen?

I removed all evidence of children from our bedroom. It is now so bare and spacious .... and....and...AWESOME(said all singsongy)

I rearranged furniture in the kids rooms and made a nice safe place for Rhino and hope to make it less likely for him to escape...again.

I cleaned my heart out then dreamed what it would be like to have a clean house longer than it takes Hyrum to take a short nap. Someday people...someday I will have a clean home for a full day....someday....

I read and read and sadly didn't get through a single book besides The Potato book again. It's ruined me, I have 4 books that I'm part way through but it's so hard to finish when I can't connect to it like Potato Book. I'm putting all my hopes and dreams into the next book club book, that I'll once again find love in the pages of a book. (p.s. I'm taking opinions and idea of other books if you'd like to leave a few titles in my comments pressure.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I've been working on this baby. It's about freaking time I know. Still not done, but I think I'll just take my time since I've got the important part done.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Squirrels are so cute

When they are dead, hanging on by their teeth on a power line right in front of our house.
If you enlarge the picture you can see it smoking.

Here's it's burned off tail.

I think I'm officially a hick because I find this humorous.

So does some of our volunteer fire department. When LM asked if they needed anything, they said "Only a knife and a fork."... I think I love this town.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

flipping the bird

I realized lately that I've been posting alot of the negative stuff that is happening and I may seem a little bitter, angry, frustrated, annoyed, and self pitying. I just want you to know that my bad attitude isn't the only "tude" I've had lately.

I'm finding every day that something has broken or needs replacing or blah blah blah. So everyday I say the same thing to myself. For example, when my video card died:

F*** You universe.
::stomps away from computer::
::says other colorful things::
::sits down, takes a deep breath and realizes: this is just stuff::
::calms down and gets on with my day::

I mean, I have to admit it is nuts how much stuff is breaking around here and not just little things, I mean B I G ticket items, and it's happening at a time when we have negative money, which normally sends me into a spiral of depression. It's not pretty. BUT, lately, after I have my tantrum, I get a weird sense of peace. I can't even explain it but it just feels like everything that his happening is going to get me to a place I need to be physically, mentally and spiritually. Crazy right?!?! But whatever is going on, it's working. I'm finally seeing things for what they are. As much as I love my puter, and having a nice tv, they are both distractions from what I really want to accomplish right now. I've gained a new appreciation for my family, my home, my friends, my body, my health. I am truly truly grateful and not in a cheesy way but in a deep down to the bone sort of way.

So, if you see me post negative stuff just realize that once I'm done flipping off the universe, I'll be settling back to feeling peace.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

hey, hows it goin and stuff?

I didn't realize how long it's been since I've updated...oopsy. So here's my update.
short version:

everything is hunky dory. the end. your welcome.

Super long version:

We had a great Christmas, in fact I think this one was my favorite. I had a blast spending the month of December in the bonus room freezing to death while sewing my little heart out. So worth it. And for those of you who didn't see on my Facebook page, here's some pictures.
Emily's Princess cape and crown.

Bub's reversible batman/superman cape.
I made a bazillion bed organizers.
Here's the back so you can see that I sewed grippy stuff on the back so it stays in place better.

Here's Sara's in action.

I also made some skirts for the girls, headbands and sewed little bags for magnets that we made their teachers.

The magnets are super duper cute but sadly my picture taking skills suck so you'll have to deal with blurry pictures.
using the small round magnets, glass beads, glue used for glass, scrapbook paper (eeeek) or you could use pictures, and a 3/4" circle paper cutter thingy. All of this can be bought at Michaels (eeeek).

We have 2 new additions to our family.

This is Rhino, Sara's hamster.

And that...waaaay over there is Lilly.
(this is as close as I like to get)

Larry's pet rat. I just call it "The Rat" and run away screaming every time she's out of her cage. She poops a lot and it pretty much grosses me out along with her freaky long tail. ewwwww ::full body shiver::

He had to swear on all his miniatures
and his life that I would never have to touch her, feed, her or clean up after her. I'm still not sure that was enough.

We have also said goodbye to 2 of my favorite babysitters, the week of Christmas.

They passed within days from each other along with there dvd players.

Luckily, we still have this baby to get us by.
I cried. Probably because it was the end of a long chain of things dying in this house not including some disgusting mice. Our heat pump started acting funny on the coldest week of the year, we couldn't keep our house above 65 which means that I practically died of cold. Then our vent above the stove decided to catch on fire.

Luckily it just did a little scorching and our kitchen was saved....or maybe that was unluckily. I mean I'd love to have a new kitchen but just not THAT way. A water pump that goes to our ice maker broke, caused mold so I had to tear away part of the wall behind the fridge and now I don't have a working ice maker. I cried. And as of yesterday my vacuum won't start...I mean, I wouldn't either if I had to vacuum my carpet but stinks. I was very close to just walking out of this house and never coming back...still debating whether to do's very close. But even though this was all upsetting and made be go back and forth between being pissed and crying my eyes out, I truly am grateful for my life.

I have a loving husband that will abandon this house with me any time I say, I have 4 kids that love me and still kiss me in front of their friends and pretty much keep me entertained most of my day. I have a sweet dog that is always ready to give me love. I have a home that has kept us safe and warm (most of the time), I have great friends, a van that I can escape in, a working computer so I can keep in touch, a stack of books to read and good health. I'm truly grateful.

Happy New Year.

P.S. I'd like to ask some prayers for LM's sister Donna. She recently found out that she has breast cancer and just this week found out it's stage IV. She's starting chemo next week and I'd like to send as many prayers up and positive thoughts her way. We love you Donna!