Sunday, January 24, 2010

flipping the bird

I realized lately that I've been posting alot of the negative stuff that is happening and I may seem a little bitter, angry, frustrated, annoyed, and self pitying. I just want you to know that my bad attitude isn't the only "tude" I've had lately.

I'm finding every day that something has broken or needs replacing or blah blah blah. So everyday I say the same thing to myself. For example, when my video card died:

F*** You universe.
::stomps away from computer::
::says other colorful things::
::sits down, takes a deep breath and realizes: this is just stuff::
::calms down and gets on with my day::

I mean, I have to admit it is nuts how much stuff is breaking around here and not just little things, I mean B I G ticket items, and it's happening at a time when we have negative money, which normally sends me into a spiral of depression. It's not pretty. BUT, lately, after I have my tantrum, I get a weird sense of peace. I can't even explain it but it just feels like everything that his happening is going to get me to a place I need to be physically, mentally and spiritually. Crazy right?!?! But whatever is going on, it's working. I'm finally seeing things for what they are. As much as I love my puter, and having a nice tv, they are both distractions from what I really want to accomplish right now. I've gained a new appreciation for my family, my home, my friends, my body, my health. I am truly truly grateful and not in a cheesy way but in a deep down to the bone sort of way.

So, if you see me post negative stuff just realize that once I'm done flipping off the universe, I'll be settling back to feeling peace.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

hey, hows it goin and stuff?

I didn't realize how long it's been since I've updated...oopsy. So here's my update.
short version:

everything is hunky dory. the end. your welcome.

Super long version:

We had a great Christmas, in fact I think this one was my favorite. I had a blast spending the month of December in the bonus room freezing to death while sewing my little heart out. So worth it. And for those of you who didn't see on my Facebook page, here's some pictures.
Emily's Princess cape and crown.

Bub's reversible batman/superman cape.
I made a bazillion bed organizers.
Here's the back so you can see that I sewed grippy stuff on the back so it stays in place better.

Here's Sara's in action.

I also made some skirts for the girls, headbands and sewed little bags for magnets that we made their teachers.

The magnets are super duper cute but sadly my picture taking skills suck so you'll have to deal with blurry pictures.
using the small round magnets, glass beads, glue used for glass, scrapbook paper (eeeek) or you could use pictures, and a 3/4" circle paper cutter thingy. All of this can be bought at Michaels (eeeek).

We have 2 new additions to our family.

This is Rhino, Sara's hamster.

And that...waaaay over there is Lilly.
(this is as close as I like to get)

Larry's pet rat. I just call it "The Rat" and run away screaming every time she's out of her cage. She poops a lot and it pretty much grosses me out along with her freaky long tail. ewwwww ::full body shiver::

He had to swear on all his miniatures
and his life that I would never have to touch her, feed, her or clean up after her. I'm still not sure that was enough.

We have also said goodbye to 2 of my favorite babysitters, the week of Christmas.

They passed within days from each other along with there dvd players.

Luckily, we still have this baby to get us by.
I cried. Probably because it was the end of a long chain of things dying in this house not including some disgusting mice. Our heat pump started acting funny on the coldest week of the year, we couldn't keep our house above 65 which means that I practically died of cold. Then our vent above the stove decided to catch on fire.

Luckily it just did a little scorching and our kitchen was saved....or maybe that was unluckily. I mean I'd love to have a new kitchen but just not THAT way. A water pump that goes to our ice maker broke, caused mold so I had to tear away part of the wall behind the fridge and now I don't have a working ice maker. I cried. And as of yesterday my vacuum won't start...I mean, I wouldn't either if I had to vacuum my carpet but stinks. I was very close to just walking out of this house and never coming back...still debating whether to do's very close. But even though this was all upsetting and made be go back and forth between being pissed and crying my eyes out, I truly am grateful for my life.

I have a loving husband that will abandon this house with me any time I say, I have 4 kids that love me and still kiss me in front of their friends and pretty much keep me entertained most of my day. I have a sweet dog that is always ready to give me love. I have a home that has kept us safe and warm (most of the time), I have great friends, a van that I can escape in, a working computer so I can keep in touch, a stack of books to read and good health. I'm truly grateful.

Happy New Year.

P.S. I'd like to ask some prayers for LM's sister Donna. She recently found out that she has breast cancer and just this week found out it's stage IV. She's starting chemo next week and I'd like to send as many prayers up and positive thoughts her way. We love you Donna!